Blundstone Vs Redback Boots Comparison: Which Will Be Right For You?

Redback and Blundstone are two popular Aussie boots brands. Both of them manufacture heavy-duty footwears that are used for work boots and other purposes. Choosing the best pair between them is quite challenging, as there are some similar features between them like material, size, and durability.

But there are several key differences between Blundstone vs Redback such as level of comfort, return policy, and waterproof features. Blundstones are lightweight, better warranty, whereas Redbacks are inexpensive, better return policy, and superior comforts.

In this article, I’ll break down these two boots brand’s pros and cons so you purchase the right one. So, read the full article and get your answer which boots brand suits you the best.

Basics of Redback and Blundstone Boots

Blundstone Boots

Blundstone 510 Unisex Chelsea Boots

Blundstone is one of the most recognizable boots brands in the world. This Australian boot-crafted company was founded by John Blundstone and Sons in 1870. The company uses leather to build quality boots.

They manufacture verities of Chelsea boots for versatile styles and fashions. The pull-on boots by Blundstones are unique style lace-free boots that are very popular around the world.

Blundstone supplies durable working boots that fit any place and time while maintaining a professional look and style. They provide a good amount of shock protection to increase cushioning and padding of the boots towards the heel that also prevent rubbing and blisters.

Here is a good Blundstone boot pair suggestion.

Editor’s Choice: Blundstone 510 Unisex Chelsea Boots

510 Blundstone is an amazing unisex pair of boots. This Chelsea boot have elastic sides instead of laces and zippers that make the boots a unique style. The pair uses 2.5 mm premium water-resistant leather, making them a great choice for heavy-duty usage.

Outsoles has bulletproof thermoplastic polyurethane for good traction and protection. Also the cushioned polyurethane midsole for comfort. You can use the boots as work boots and for casual use.

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Redback Boots


Redback boots is a newcomer lightweight work-boots manufacturer in Australia founded in 1989. The company is run by the Cloros family who spanned five generations of boot-making tradition in the early 1900s.

This brand uses full-grain leather that makes the boots flexible. Redback boots and shoes use 3-piece of leather that turns them very comfortable.

The air-cushioned midsole is another superb feature of Redback shoes. Also, the sturdy leather rear pull tab and cushioned innersole make the boots very attractive.

After knowing the basics, let’s find a good pair of Redback boots.

Editor’s Choice: Redback Men’s Boots

If you want to purchase a good-quality Redback work boot, Men’s Boots By Redback will be an ideal one. The Australian boot is 100% leather construction that builds to last.

Leather and rubber sole provides great sole support. There are arch support and full-length footbed that are also great. The elastic sided ankle boot makes it easy to put on and off the boot.

The Redback boots have 27 layers of reinforced heel that provide great support and comfort. So, wear this boot and work comfortably.

Similarities Between Blundstone & Redback Boots

Blundstone and Redback boots are two popular boots brands. They share several features that are common between both brands. Below, we’re discussing the important ones.

Physical Appearance

At a first look, it’s very hard to differentiate Australian boots Redback and Blundstone boots. Both look almost similar. But several top models seem superior due to higher quality and price.

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Heavy Duty Leather & Durability

This is common in both worlds. Whether you purchase Blundstone or Redback boots, quality won’t be a big deal as each brand uses high-quality leather. Thus, their shoes and boots last longer and don’t need frequent replacement or repairing.

Blundstone uses greasy kip leather whilst Redback has full-grain leather thus Redback becomes quite sturdier than Blundstone, still, both models have 100% leather. Each brand makes boots for men, women, and kids.

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Lightweight Boots

The average weight of both brands’ boots is almost the same. Blundstones weight is almost 960 grams and Redback’s weight is 1000 grams. So, the value is quite similar. But, both of them are actually lightweight boots compared to the other available boots in the market.

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Identical Size & Fitting

Redback and Blundstone boots have identical sizes as both of them are Australian boots brands. The men’s boots are true to size. But the half sizes of unisex and women’s boots are quite bigger in width not in length.

Each boot will fit your feet well but Blundstone might be sung for the first several wears. On the other hand, Redback fits from the first wear as it uses triple pieces of leather that make it easier to put on and off.

Keep in mind, both boots come in UK sizing system which means USA size will be 1 size larger than the UK. For example, UK 9 size will be 10 sizes in the USA. So, while you purchase these boots, consider the sizing.

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Difference Between Redback Vs Blundstone Boots

Blundstone Vs Redback Boots

Level Of Comfort

Redback boots look more flexible than the Blunstone in visual appearance. Let’s see what happens actually.

Blundstone boots and shoes are made of single-layer materials whereas Redback shoes and boots have triple layers of leather. Also, the 3-piece leathers provide a comfortable feeling to wear the boots for a longer time. Thus, Redback boots are a better choice for comfort compared to the Blundstone models.

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Sole Style

The midsole is one of the vital features that make a clear distinction between these boots brands. The midsole of the Redback boots and shoes are air-cushioned which makes the Redback superior and more comfortable to wear.

The outer sole of the Redback boots is bulkier and thicker than the Blundstone boots, that’s why the overall weight of Redback is a little more. And innersoles of the Redback are also very cushioning. So, on overall consideration Redback wins in this case.

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Waterproofing Capacity

Most of the Redback and Blundstone boots and shoes are water-resistant, but some of them are fully waterproof. But several friends who use both brands say, Blundstone is slightly better than the Redback.

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It’s very hard to compare Blundstone and Redback boots in terms of price as their price is almost the same. Their average price varies between $150 to $200. Still, Bluestones are priced a little more than the Redback boots.

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Warranty & Return Policy

Redback Boots

Redback provides 6 months footwear replacement warranty for manufacturer defects. The company accepts new and unused products up to 30 days of shopping. When the return was received, you’ll get the money back through your original payment method.

Also, you can return the unused items within 90 days of your purchase to get merchandise credit instead of a full refund. But Redback doesn’t offer item exchanging at this moment. You can check here for details on the Redback returns policy.

Blundstone Boots

Blundstone offers 2 years warranty. You may also return the unused items for up to 30 days but you have the proof of purchase and original tags in this case. Then you will get a full refund of the boots.

If you want to get back your money returning the boots you have to register first. Check here for more from the Blundstone website.

Blundstone Vs Redback Boots – Comparison Table

Here is a quick comparison between Redback and Blundstone boots.
Comparison TopicBlundstone BootsRedback Boots
Originated InAustraliaAustralia
MaterialsPremium leather, suede, NubuckFull-grain leather, Polyurethane
Average Weight Of Boots960 grams1000 grams
Comfort LevelQuite lesser compared to RedbackBetter than Blundstone
WaterproofBetter than RedbackLesser compared to Blundstone
PriceHigher than RedbackAffordable than Blundstone
Warranty2 years6 months
Return PolicyNo exchanges, need to show proof of purchase and original tags for return90-day return for merchandise credit without a full refund
See MoreCheck Price of BlundstoneCheck Price of Redback

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Pros & Cons of Redback and Blundstone Boots

Pros & Cons Of Blundstone Boots


  • Strong and stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Cushioned heel pad
  • 2-years warranty


  • Thin innersole
  • Manufactured overseas

Pros & Cons Of Redback Boots


  • Full-grain leather
  • Lightweight
  • Air-cushioned sole
  • Premium slip resistance due to deep tread
  • 3-piece leather makes flexible wearing


  • Not up to the mark for casual use

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Redback boots fit like Blundstones?

Answer: Redback boots fit better than the Blundstones as they use 3 pieces of leather rather than a single piece like Blundstone. Thus, Redbacks hug your feet perfectly, whereas Blundstones are a little snug for the first several wears.

Q: What is the main difference between Blundstone vs Rossi boots?

Answer: Roosi boots are another good brand similar to Blundstone. Blundstone boots are lightweight, comfortable, and stylish boots. On the other hand, Rossi boots are heavier and sturdier than the Blundstone.

Q: Redback vs Blundstone which is easier to clean?

Answer: Because of the oily looks of Blundstones, they are simpler to clean than the Redbacks.


In wrap up, both Redback and Blundstone boots have some strengths and weaknesses over one another. But we recommend Redback for superior comfort, whereas Blundstone for water resistance. Still, they are quite similar. Thus, it’s up to you to choose the right one between Blundstone vs Redback boots.

That’s all for today. Will come back soon with new tips and ideas for the readers of Pick Outdoor Gear.

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