Fast Pitch Tent Vs Instant Tent: Which Is The Better Option?

A tent is one of the most basic items for any outdoor trip. For different purposes, various kinds of tents have evolved through generations. Out there, instant and fast-pitch tents are two newly introduced tents.

Both fast pitch and instant tents allow super-fast tent installing. But, you may get confused as they share many features, So, what are the differences between fast pitch tent vs instant tent? Fast-pitch tent balances between tent quality and setup time, whereas instant tent is a good choice for minimum hassle and a speedy setup.

Let’s figure out the debate between instant tents and fast pitch tents so you get the right one easily.

What is an Instant Tent?

An instant tent is one kind of modern tent that can be installed within a minute. In fact, this tent allows to install the tent very quickly, not instantly.

Instant tents have simple pole constructions and even might have spring-loaded poles for quick setup. Several other names for instant tents are pop-up tents, easy-up tents, instant cabin tents, etc.

These tents come in versatile setup styles. Several tents have poles sewn on the roof for quick unfolding and pitching. Some of them use umbrella mechanisms that are set up quickly through some simple steps.

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What is a Fast Pitch Tent?

A fast-pitch tent is a term primarily introduced by Coleman tent. This tent allows fast pitching that would take lesser time almost half of the regular tents.

The poles of this tent are pre-attached and color-coded that fit with the central hub. So, you can erect the tent within the shortest possible time.

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Similarities Between Instant Tent and Fast Pitch Tent

Fast Pitch Tent Vs Instant Tent

Fast pitch and instant tents have lots of similarities in material, construction, assembly and disassembly system, setup speed, and many more.

Quick Installation

Each tent is primarily built the same as their poles are pre-attached for quick installation. When you first erect these tents, both of them give a dome shape. And the automatic dome shape helps run-off rain or water during bad weather.

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Easy to Carry

These tents also allow easy folding up to carry them in the bag. They are comparatively lightweight and easier to handle than traditional tents. Thus, you can easily move them from one place to another.

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Both fast pitch and instant tents use almost the same quality material like polyester to make tents waterproof, and durable. They also use mesh material for good ventilation.

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Differences Between Fast Pitch Tent & Instant Tent

In fact, there is no substantial difference between instant and quick pitch tents. However, you will find some silly dissimilarities among them.

If you need a tent that has a good balance between tent quality and setup time, then a fast-pitch tent might be ideal. On the other hand, an instant tent is a good choice for minimum hassle and a speedy setup.

Let’s break down the instant tent vs fast pitch tent in the following table.

Comparison TopicInstant TentFast Pitch tent
Setup timeQuicker than fast pitch tentRequires more time than the instant tent
DurabilityNot very durable like fast pitch tentLittle superior to the instant tent
Rain and wind resistanceComparatively lowerSuperior to instant tents
StructureComparatively lower quality than fast pitch tentBetter than instant tents
PriceMore affordablePricier than instant tents

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When to Use Instant Tent and Fast Pitch Tent?

If you want to go on family camping, the instant tent will be a good option to make the trip smoother. Just unbox the tent and erect it within a minute. You can also choose the right size instant tent according to your need.

On the other hand, the fast-pitch tents are mainly marketed by Coleman so they take up a significant customers of the market. And they also provide quick installation like instant tents.

Pros & Cons Of Fast Pitch and Instant Tents


  • Quick installation
  • Lightweight design (but heavier than a backpacking tent)
  • Foldable and easy to carry


  • Not ideal for harsh weather as they can’t withstand heavy winds, snow
  • Quite expensive than regular tents

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are fast-pitch tents better than regular tents?

Answer: Both regular tents and fast-pitch tents have some good and bad sides. Let’s figure out their differences.

When choosing a tent for camping, deciding between fast pitch tents and regular tents is very crucial. The regular tent comes with a traditional structure, whereas the fast pitch tent comes with a pre-assembled poles design for quick installation.

A regular tent is a traditional tent that requires a traditional setup and put down. The process is time-consuming and requires longer time more than 10 minutes. Whereas fast pitch tents can be installed within a minute.

This tent needs the classical tent installation step by step as every component of the tent comes in parts by parts. But, fast-pitch tents have pre-attached poles that don’t require such part-by-part assembly.

Regular tents are available in different shapes, sizes, and types. But instant or pop-up tents haven’t such versatility. Traditional tents are also better than instant tents for wind and weather resistance.

Q: What is the instant pop-up tent?

Answer: An instant pop-up tent is a special type of instant tent that is popped up within a few seconds. In fact, this is the fastest setup tent ever. They are very lightweight and easy to carry. But they can’t withstand heavy winds.

Q: Which brands manufacture fast pitch tents?

Answer: Fast pitch tent is the brainchild of Coleman tent. However, there are several other brands that manufacture this quick setup tent such as Tanya Lake, Core, Moon Lence, etc.

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Bottom Line

So, what is the difference between fast pitch tent vs instant tent? Both of them are quick setup tents. But instant tent allows super-fast set up than the fast pitch tent. And there are no other key differences, except some minor ones.

If you are concerned about tent setup time, then I highly recommend you to travel with an instant tent. On the other hand, fast pitch tents are a little sturdier compared to instant tents. Let’s enjoy a stress-free camping experience with fast-pitch tents and instant tents.

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