Is Zupapa A Good Trampoline? TUV Approved Zupapa Trampoline Suggestion

Zupapa is a reliable trampoline brand that has already gained great popularity for family fun. It provides unbeatable safety and durability. So, you can purchase the Zupapa trampoline for lovely backyard time.

Zupapa trampolines are available for indoor exercise and outdoor fun. This trampoline will be the right model to spend quality times with family. Parents can rely on this brand as it introduces abundant safety features.

In this article, I’ll explain why Zupapa is a good trampoline brand. So, read the article to get your answer on why the Zupapa trampoline is a worthy choice.

Zupapa Trampoline
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Why Should You Choose A Zupapa Trampoline?

Have you wondered is it worth buying a Zupapa trampoline? To understand the fact you have to know the feature of Zupapa brand trampolines. Below, we’ll discuss some of the important things regarding the trampolines of Zupapa that will make it clear to you why Zupapa is a good trampoline brand over others.

Great Popularity

Zupapa trampoline is nowadays an appealing trampoline brand worldwide. More than 300,000 families are using Zupapa worldwide. This is because of the popularity of this brand.

Lots of verified buyers provide abundant numbers of positive reviews about Zupapa trampolines on e-commerce sites like the Zupapa website, Amazon, Walmart, etc. The overall customer rating is 4.8 out of 5, that’s impressive.

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Structural Durability

Zupapa trampoline uses the hot-dip galvanization process to make metal parts that provide almost 5 times the durability of this trampoline than the regular galvanized competitors’ trampolines. Galvanized steel is good enough to prevent rust and harsh weather but Zupapa provides better results than that.

Zupapa also uses heavy-gauged steel and a 1.5 mm thick frame tube. Thus the trampolines become very sturdy to last longer without being corroded by harsh weather.

Besides this, the jumping mat is UV-resistant to protect the trampoline against any harsh conditions. These trampolines also use more springs than the competitors’ models which will give you a great jumping experience.

Higher Weight Limit

If you want to choose a Zupapa trampoline, don’t worry about the weight capacity. Zupapa models come with a hefty weight limit such as 15 ft large Zupapa trampolines have 425 lbs weight capacity which is good enough than competitor’s model.

Safe Design

The upgraded Zupapa trampoline introduces a no-gap design that means the mat and spring pad are sewn together. This eliminates pinching hazards greatly thus making Zupapa trampolines safer compared to other trampoline brands.

The net is also high enough that stop jumpers to fall to the ground. Zupapa is also certified by Germany-based safety standard TUV and USA safety standard ASTM. So, you can rely on the Zupapa trampoline for kids’ fun.

Numerous Size & Type Variations

Zupapa trampolines are available for indoor and outdoor uses. The indoor mini-trampolines come in both for kids’ and adults’ use. Outdoor models are named two series Safump and Saffun. Zupapa offers different sizes of trampolines for a variety of jumpers.

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Indoor Kids Trampolines

Until now, Zupapa introduces two models of trampoline for indoor use for children’s fun. Their sizes are 54 and 66 inches respectively. They are round trampolines so kids will enjoy safe bounce. All necessary safety features are included there.

Indoor Fitness Trampolines

Fitness trampolines by Zupapa are available in two dissimilar sizes 40 and 45 inches. The 40-inch model is circular and the 45-inch model features a hexagon bungee trampoline.

Either you can purchase the rebounder with the handle or without the handlebar. Their maximum weight limit is 330 lbs and these mini-trampolines provide silent exercise.

Outdoor Trampolines

Safump (safe+jump) series trampolines are designed for internal uses whereas Saffun (safe+fun) series is for external purposes. These trampolines come in 5 different sizes from 8 to 15 feet. But some of the latest Zupapa trampolines are also available in 16 feet.

Both of them are ASTM and TUV certified. These backyard trampolines are greater for bouncing than the competitors’ models. All trampolines come in round shapes means center-focused safe bounce.

Zupapa outdoor recreational trampolines come with the enclosure net. Some of them include a basketball hoop for additional fun while others come without the hoop.

Let’s know the main differences between Zupapa Saffun trampolines and Zupapa Safump trampolines.

Zupapa Safump Vs Saffun Trampolines

Zupapa Trampoline Reviews
Source: Zupapa

These two series of trampolines are named over their features. The word Safump comes from safe and jump. On the other hand, Saffun is derived from safe and fun. So, having these Zupapa models kids will enjoy safe jumping with fun.

Springs and Net Positions

The main noticeable difference between them takes place due to the springs and enclosure net location. In Safump Zupapa trampolines, springs are placed outside of the net whereas Saffun Zupapa trampolines have springs inside of the net.

Due to springs and mat relative position, you will get more space in the Saffun Zupapa trampoline over Safump model. So if you need more jumping space Saffun will be an ideal choice.

Safety Cover Thickness

Another difference occurs in the pad thickness. Safump trampolines use a single layer of spring pad. But Saffun models have double layer pads with no gap pad. Thus Saffun Zupapa trampolines are safer compared to Safump.

Easy Assembly

Zupapa trampoline models come with a complete Zupapa trampoline assembly instruction manual. Spring T-hook, gloves, and other things are also included in the trampoline package. Zupapa assembly instructions are clearly understandable, thus you can install the trampoline easily without much effort.

We recommend installing Zupapa trampolines by 2 to 3 persons, but 1 person can put together the trampoline too. Similarly, you can take apart them simply by following the basic guidelines.

Parts & Accessories

Zupapa trampolines supply the replacement parts and accessories like spring T-hook, frame, poles, wind stakes, ladder, etc. Either you buy new parts or replace the faulty parts. Installing these parts will renew the trampoline.

Great Warranty & Support

The upgraded Zupapa trampoline provides a satisfactory warranty and after-sales service. Frame claims 10 years warranty and the other vital trampoline parts like mat, springs, net, and safety pad allow 2 years limited warranty. Such a handsome warranty will attract you.

Zupapa also shifts the replacement of faulty parts without any extra cost. If you received any damaged parts just contact Zupapa to get a good one. Their customer service is very supportive. They will take immediate action after receiving your complaint.

Come With All The Necessary Things

You may wonder what parts and accessories are included in the Zupapa outdoor trampolines box. Here is the full list.

  • Frame (x 1)
  • Jump mat (x 1)
  • Springs set
  • Springs cover (x 1)
  • Enclosure net (x 1)
  • Steel clamp sets
  • Ladder (x 1),
  • Rain cover (x 1)
  • T-hook tools (x 2)
  • Knit gloves (x2 pairs)
  • Wind stakes
  • User manual

Is Zupapa Trampoline Worth It?

Zupapa trampoline comes with a moderate price tag. They are cheaper than some hefty-priced trampoline models but also expensive compared to some low-quality trampolines. The average price of Zupapa brand trampolines is between 400 to 800 dollars.

According to our observation, the Zupapa trampoline’s cost is perfectly balanced with its quality. So, considering all the astounding features of Zupapa trampolines, we can say buying a Zupapa trampoline worth the price.

Comparison Among Zupapa 15 14 12 10 8 Ft Trampolines

Here I’ve enlisted some of the main features of several widely-held Zupapa trampolines. If you want to know the differences among different models of Zupapa trampolines, the following chart will help you to know the fact within a few seconds.

Feature8 Feet10 Feet12 Feet14 Feet15 Feet
Weight limit (lbs)375 lbs375 lbs425 lbs425 lbs425 lbs
Net height (ft)5.2 ft6 ft6 ft6 ft6 ft
Total legs3 W3 W4 W6 W6 W
Shifted boxes22333
No-gap designYesYesYesYesYes
Included ladderNoYesYesYesYes
ASTM & TUV approvedYesYesYesYesYes
Warranty10 years for frame, 2 years for other parts10 years for frame, 2 years for other parts10 years for frame, 2 years for other parts10 years for frame, 2 years for other parts10 years for frame, 2 years for other parts

Now, have a look at some of the best models from Zupapa standard trampolines and mini-trampolines.

Best Zupapa Trampoline Reviews

#1 – Zupapa 15 Ft TUV Approved Trampoline For Family

Zupapa 15 Ft TUV Approved Trampoline For Family


  • Weight rating: 425 pounds
  • Springs: 7 inches, 108
  • Wind stakes: 6
  • Number of legs: 6 W
  • Color options: Blue, blue+green, purple

If you want to get the most popular Zupapa trampoline, choose the 15 Ft Zupapa Outdoor Trampoline. It is an upgraded trampoline that incorporates all the safety factors together. The large model is designed for older kids, teenagers, and adults.

Durable Construction

Hot-dip galvanization makes the trampoline sturdier than competitors’ trampolines. Six W-shaped legs stable the base from slipping and vibration during jumping.

Poles touch the ground for double base firmness. It supports up to 425 pounds weight that allows jumpers from low to high weight.

Safe To Play

The gap between the mat and the spring pad is eliminated due to their direct sewing to make it safer. Besides this, spring padding protects jumpers from spring’s impact.

Net poles hold the enclosure, and poles padding provides additional safety. 15 ft Zupapa trampoline meets the ASTM and TUV safety standards.

High Bounce

Zupapa backyard trampoline 15 ft uses 108 springs having 7 inches long whereas competitors’ models use 96 springs only. Thus you will get an impressive bounce from the Zupapa large trampoline.

Polypropylene-made jumping mat is anti-UV and professional-grade for better bounce and longevity.

Comes With Necessary Kits & Great Warranty

It comes with an easy climbing ladder, 6 winds stakes, and rain cover. And it provides 10 years warranty for the frame, 2 years warranty for springs, mat, safety net, and enclosure. So, it will be a good buy for you.


  • Lots of springs for superb bounce
  • The spring pad and mat are sewn for safety
  • Includes ladder, rain cover, and 6 wind stakes
  • Provides maximum durability of the frame


  • Tricky legs and poles assembly

#2 – Zupapa 54 Inch Kids Mini Trampoline With Safety Net Basketball Hoop

Zupapa 54 Inch Kids Mini Trampoline With Safety Net Basketball Hoop


  • Weight rating: 120 lbs
  • Bungee cords: 30
  • Total legs: 6 arched
  • Recommended age: 2 to 8 years
  • Color options: Blue-yellow, blue-red, yellow-green

Have you been looking for a Zupapa kids’ trampoline, you can choose the 54 Inch Zupapa Mini Trampoline for making kids active and happy. Setting this trampoline in the playground, children will have great fun.

Sturdy Design

Zupapa’s small indoor outdoor trampoline is made from durable material. The frame uses 1.5 mm galvanized steel tubes that are thicker than competitors’ models thus you will get strong construction.

Mat is made from good quality polypropylene and net uses polyethylene. The legs are arched style and constructed from durable steel to withstand jumping vibration.

No-Gap Eliminates Hazards

Like other Zupapa models, this trampoline has also been directly sewn between mat and net. It eliminates the gaps thus the chance of accidents tends to zero.

Safe For Kids Play

The kids’ mini trampoline use 30 bungee cords thus the springless design provides a silent and safe jumping experience. The enclosure net is high enough to protect small tumblers from accidental falling. Moreover, the net is inside the bungees thus extending safety a lot.

The safety pad on bungees is thick enough for more protection. Zupapa small trampoline also provides a bottom safety net so kids and pets can’t go under there.

The legs are arched style to prevent unexpected rollover of the trampoline which is also great for safety. Besides, the legs ends have rubber feet to prevent slipping.

Includes Basketball Hoop

Playing basketball on trampolines doubles children’s fun. Zupapa’s small trampoline package comes with a removable basketball kit for maximizing kids’ fun.

Lucrative After Sales Service

Service after sales is a very important consideration to buying any product. Zupapa toddlers’ mini trampolines provide great warranty such as 10 years for the frame, 5 years for the safety net, and a lifetime for other accessories.


  • Arched legs for a stable base
  • No-gap net and mat design for safety
  • Springless design for extra safety
  • Comes with a basketball hoop


  • The zipper is tricky to get in and out

#3 – Zupapa 40 Inch Fitness Mini Trampoline Rebounder With Handle Bar

Zupapa 40 Inch Fitness Mini Trampoline Rebounder With Handle Bar


  • Weight capacity: 330
  • Handle height: 42 to 55 inches
  • Bungee cords: 6
  • Total legs: 6

As a Zupapa fan, you can add the 40 Inch Round Zupapa Rebounder Mini Trampoline for indoor exercise. It will give you a year-round home cardio workout to live a healthy life. Let’s have a look at its astounding features.

Safe & Silent Cardio

The mini trampoline fitness rebounder by Zupapa uses bungee ropes instead of springs. So, you will get a noise-free and safe jumping surface. For additional safety, bungees are covered by 360 degrees thick padding. Thus you can use it for yoga exercises too.

Mat of the mini trampoline is made from premium material for cushion and joint-friendly bounce. There is also a handle for a safe grip. The legs are curved and have anti-skid rubber feet to make the adult mini trampoline slip-resistant and safe.

Durable construction

The rebounder uses commercial-grade steel in frame structure and heavy-duty polypropylene mat that makes it high performing. Zupapa rebounder can hold up to 330 lbs weight so everyone from lightweight to bulky person will find his/her space there.

This fitness Zupapa rebounder uses 6 thick bungee cords for an excellent bouncing experience. For a firm base, the Zupapa fitness trampoline rebounder has 6 arched stainless steel legs that provide better stability than the competitor’s model. Thus the rebounder provides 3 years warranty.

Adjustable Hand Rail

Seniors might prefer a handle for proper balance while rebounding or adults may need it for the special workout. Luckily, Zupapa rebounder introduces an adjustable handle. You can adjust the handrail in 5 different positions from 42 to 55 inches according to your height. If you don’t need it, just detach it.


  • Bungees provide safe and silent exercise
  • Impressive weight carrying capacity
  • Ankle and joint-friendly rebounding
  • An adjustable handle is a plus point


  • Not foldable model

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many boxes does the Zupapa trampoline shift in?

Answer: Well, the larger trampolines such as 12, 14, and 15 ft models come in 3 boxes whereas the 8 ft and 10 ft smaller trampolines shift in 2 boxes.

Q: Is Zupapa has any rectangle shape trampoline?

Answer: No, at this time Zupapa doesn’t manufacture any rectangular trampolines. The company mainly manufactures round trampolines.

Q: Can you add a basketball hoop to a Zupapa trampoline?

Answer: Yes, you can attach a basketball accessory with any Zupapa trampoline net.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the above discussions make it clear to you that Zupapa trampoline is a safe and trustworthy trampoline brand for jump and fun. They are made durably and eliminate safety hazards introducing zero gaps between mat and net.

Whether you want to purchase a trampoline for children, teenagers, or adults you can rely on the Zupapa trampoline without any hesitation. Enjoy trampoline bouncing in Zupapa!

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