5 Top Quality Swing Set With Trampoline & Slide Combo For Lovely Play!

As a mother of a cute girl, I always try to choose a quality playset having several play stations together.  It saves some money and space as well as my angle can play multiple stations once hence more fun, right?

A couple of days ago, I bring a swing set with trampoline and slide for my kiddie. I suggest every parent get such multi-play stations for their kids and toddlers for a worthy purchase.

Swing, trampoline, and slide each of the playset is itself great fun alone. So think, when these three come with one package what the excitement level will be in the summer?

Let’s discover some of the best trampolines with slide and swing set combo. You will find here several best swing sets and trampoline or trampoline with slide suggestions too.

Best Swing Set With Trampoline & Slide  Reviews

#1 – FITNESS REALITY KIDS 8 Stations Swing Set With Slide, Trampoline

FITNESS REALITY KIDS 8 Stations Swing Set With Slide, Trampoline


  • Trampoline size: 42 inch
  • Frame material: Alloy steel
  • Swing set frame diameter: 2 inch
  • Saucer lowest height: 20 inch
  • Each station’s weight capacity: 80 lbs
  • Age limit: 3 to 8 years

FITNESS REALITY KIDS ‘The Ultimate’ 8 Station Sports Series Swing Set is one of the best swing sets with a trampoline, slide, and several other play stations.

Several Kids Can Play Once

The 8 stations combo set includes a round trampoline, flying saucer, belt swing, slide, 2 person glider, monkey bar with handles, soccer goal with net, and a basketball hoop with backboard. It allows playing 9 kids at a time.

Durable Playset

Well, the frame of this metal swing is made of durable 2-inch alloy steel. Each play station can hold a maximum of 80 lbs weight. It’s a weatherproof design and lasts long.

Numerous Swings Together

This outdoor playset includes one strap swing and a saucer swing. That’s a great option both for smaller kids and older ones. Besides, you can also consider the monkey bar as a hanging swing too!

The contoured plastic seat provides a good sitting position and the plastic chain covers add hand protection.

Safety Certified

Different play stations including trampoline and saucer swing set are designed for 3 to 8 years kids. All the parts meet the ASTM and CPSIA safety standards.


  • Allows 9 kids to play together
  • Plastic covers on chains to protect hands
  • Meets ASTM and CPSIA safety standards
  • The handle of the trampoline extends safety


  • A large size set needs more space


If you want to create a home backyard playground, then this 8 station swing set will be an unmatched option. And many play stations can be used separately. So, get this for amazing fun for your kids.

#2 – IRONKIDS Premier 100 Fitness Playground

IRONKIDS Premier 100 Fitness Playground


  • Frame material: Alloy steel
  • Trampoline size: 42×42 inch
  • Trampoline weight rating: 80 lbs
  • Assembly time: 1 to 2 hours
  • Age limit: 3 to 8 years old

IRONKIDS Premier Multi-Functional Playground Set is designed for making children healthy, positive, and active. You can use this either in the indoor or backyard. Its price makes it a hand-picked choice.

Allows Five Kids Once

The steel-constructed playground provides great durability. It incorporates four activity centers as a trampoline, two swings, a slide with a ladder, and a monkey bar. Thus, it allows five kids to play there at a time.

Trampoline With Handle Bar

For the little athletes, this IRONKIDS set incorporates a 42-inch small square trampoline. The lucrative design will impress your kids, I bet! There is also a handle so kids don’t lose their balance while playing on the trampoline.

The durable trampoline comes with heavy-gauged steel, galvanized springs, and a premium quality jumping mat is. It can support up to 80 pounds weight.

Stable Swings & Monkey Bar

Each swing has a contoured plastic seat. For hand protection, swing chains are covered by plastic. A money bar is hung from the middle of the swing frame. Thus, children can play and exercise there for better growth.

Posts are U-shaped which prevents moving the playset. The V-frame of the swing set is 2 inches in diameter, which provides great strength to the structure. You can make the set more stable using the included four corkscrew ground anchors.

Safe Slide With Ladder

Polypropylene plastic slider is wavy for extra fun. The side guard of the slide prevents rollover falls. The ladder is attached to the slide for easy climbing.

Extra Protection

IRONKIDS Fitness Playground eliminates all safety hazards. It is ASTMF 2776 and CPSIA certified product. To protect children from sun exposure, there is a sun cover (canopy) over the swing frame.

This playset introduces a net between ladder and swing frame and also between ladder and swing frame so kids don’t go from one play station to another straight preventing accidents and making the playset safe.


  • Eliminates safety hazards
  • Sunshade for sun protection
  • Arch shape frame prevents movement
  • Included ground anchors for frame stability
  • Handle with trampoline for safety


  • Monkey bar is quite high in small children


After knowing the features you might understand why we choose this good combo set trampoline with swing and slide. So, we highly recommend this stunning swing set for your kids’ even growth.

#3 – LANGXUN 4 In 1 Trampoline With Slide, Swing & Climb

LANGXUN 4 In 1 Trampoline With Slide, Swing & Climb


  • Trampoline weight limit: 120 lbs
  • Trampoline size: 6×4 ft
  • Trampoline mat: Polypropelene
  • Trampoline frame material: Steel
  • Age limit: 1 to 8 years

LANGXUN Indoor Outdoor Mini Trampoline is a multi-functional playset for children. The combo set includes four play options such as toddler trampoline, swing, slide, and climbing steps. It is a good model for 1 to 8 years kids.

Sturdy Trampoline

This combo trampoline with slide and swing set is a 2021 upgrade model. Durable 6×4 ft rectangle trampoline is made from heavy-duty rust-resistant steel. Spring is zinc plated that provides long-lasting and corrosion-resistant performance.

Non-metal parts are UV resistant. The 4 in 1 LANGXUN small kids trampoline supports up to 120 pounds weight.

Safe Trampoline

Besides quality, the trampoline is safe for children. A thick and premium quality pad protects kids from the spring’s injury. Mat is polypropylene constructed for a high and comfortable jumping experience. The mat and safety pad are stitched to prevent hand and feet injury.

Almost 6 ft height enclosure net protects jumpers from falling outside also it extends the jumping space. Poles of the kids’ trampoline are padded well to eliminate hit impact. The legs are covered with plastic to make this toy safer.

Easily Detachable Swing

The trampoline with swing set comes with a unique design. The swing is attached with the extended enclosure pole on the top. The ropes are strong enough for the kids and the plastic seat is soft too. You can easily install or detach the small hook design swing within a short time.

Interchangeable Slide & Climber

Both climb and slide are small in size. They can be attached and detached quickly. Also, you can swap their position with each other. When you plan to use the slide and climb, don’t forget to unzip the trampoline enclosure net from the associated spots.


  • Durable trampoline
  • Swappable slide and climber
  • Indoor and outdoor use


  • Swing and trampoline can’t use once
  • The slide is very small for fun


This indoor-outdoor small trampoline, swing, slide, and climber set is a good playset for kids to use either for the backyard or inside the home for year-round fun. So, don’t miss this budget-friendly combo model.

#4 – Jump Power 72×50 Inch Rectangle Trampoline With Swing


  • Weight rating: 110 lbs
  • Springs: 42
  • Total legs: 2
  • Recommended ages: 3 to 6 years

Have you been looking for the best trampoline with swing, then consider the 72×50 Inch Jump Power Small Trampoline With Swing for your kids and toddlers.

Rugged Design

This kids trampoline swing set uses 16 gauge heavy-duty galvanized steel in frame tubes and legs that make it strong and rustproof. There is also orange color blow-molded plastic on the outside frame and legs to make the playset more durable. The weight capacity of the trampoline is 110 pounds.

Springs are made from zinc-coated galvanized steel to resist rust. There are 42 springs and each of them is 3.5 inches long for a standard bounce. Mat of the trampoline uses black trampoline fabric for a soft and good jump.

Indoor & Outdoor Use

The size of the trampoline and swing combo makes it an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor simultaneously. Plastic base allows using the trampoline even on concrete.

Besides bouncing on the trampoline, kids can swing here for great fun. Its blue and green dinosaur design will impress your kids undoubtedly.

Maximum Safety

We know that parents are concerned about their children’s safety while choosing playsets. Don’t be worried, Jump Power toddlers trampoline and swing set incorporate all safety features for ensuring the highest safety for your kids. It’s an ASTM safety-approved product.

Springs are covered by a thick safety pad that adds safety to a great extent. The surrounding of the trampoline is enclosed by a UV-resistant PE safety enclosure to prevent falling off. The enclosure net has a safety zipper for easy entrance. Poles have padded foam to reduce impact.


  • Heavy gauged steel for a strong structure
  • Safety net with large zipper door
  • Attractive colors for kids
  • Meets ASTM safety standard
  • Don’t wobble or squeak on the flat surface


  • Don’t allow to use of swing and trampoline simultaneously
  • The zipper should be improved


Trampoline with swing doubles your kids’ fun. But don’t allow more than one kid to play once. And when your toddler is jumping on a trampoline keep the swing outside and when he/she swings let the trampoline bed idle.

#5 – Little Tikes 7 Ft Climb ‘N Slide With Trampoline


  • Weight limit: 105 lbs
  • Frame: Steel, plastic
  • Total legs: 3

If you are looking for the best trampoline with slide, 7 Ft Little Tikes Trampoline Slide & Climb will be an ideal option for you.

Rustproof Strong Trampoline

The trampoline is hexagonal which makes it spacious enough. Recommended weight capacity of the model is 105 lbs that’s quite enough for kids.

Frame of the trampoline uses heavy-duty rustproof metal, thus allowing to set the trampoline either inside or outside. There is also blow-molded plastic on the frame and legs that make the trampoline base slip resistant and usable on concrete.

Safety For Kids

Metal frame and springs are covered by a safety pad for safe play. Poles have thick padding to increase protection. And there is a high safety enclosure net to surround the trampoline that ensures the great safety of the trampoline.

Bonus Slide & Climb

This indoor/outdoor Little Tikes trampoline comes with a slide and climber that multiplies kids’ fun a lot. Both of them are made durably from blow-molded plastic. The trampoline net has a zipper enclosure to access the slide and climb.


  • Can be set on indoor and outdoor
  • The plastic base allows setting on concrete
  • Allows 2 to 3 kids to play together
  • Durable and safe trampoline
  • Simple and quick assembly


  • Slide and climb is very short for older kids


Little Tikes small trampoline and slide set is a safe playset for little toddlers. Allow kids to play with this toy for memorable childhood.

What To Look For When Buying Trampoline With Slide & Swing Set


Structural strength is a major consideration to any product and for this playset too. Your chosen Playground set should be made of strong material. Frame structures have to be built from steel. Moreover, if it is galvanized that is a bonus point.

Best Trampoline With Slide And Swing

Trampoline springs should come with galvanized steel. If it is spring-less that is better actually. A soft mat will provide a comfy and safe bounce.  For the larger model, an enclosure net is a must to avoid injury.

Both slide and swing have to be built from safe material. The chains of the swing should also be strong and soft to grip. And a ladder is a must for a slider.

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Weight Limit

When buying the kids’ playground set including slide, swing and trampoline consider the weight limit of each play station. Most playground sets come with a handsome weight rating. Still, you have to check before purchasing.

For example, a trampoline should be capable of carrying 80 pounds weight. Similarly, slides and swings should be a heavy load capacity too.

Size & Space

Balancing between playset size and your available backyard or indoor space is very important. If you have several kids at home and also have a spacious backyard or indoor then you can choose a large playset including a trampoline, swing, slide, and others. Or else, go for a small playset.

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Anchoring The Base

You might need to anchor the swing, trampoline, and slide on the ground to make them secured. It will make the playset stable and allow you to play safely. Some playground sets come with ground anchors to make the structure secure. Otherwise, purchase separately.


Trampoline, swing, and slide set should be safe enough. Side guard in slide can protect kids from rollover falling. The trampoline net, and spring cover will extend its safety.

Similarly, swing chains should come with a soft cover to protect little hands. And if the set has safety certifications like ASTM, CPSIA, etc, that’s great!

Other Play Options

Usually, the more the play stations will be, the more your kids will get fun. If you purchase a trampoline swing attachment and slide set, most packages offer several other play options like a monkey bar, basketball hoop, glider, climber, etc.


Slide, trampoline, and swing sets are available from low to hefty price tags. We recommend you to balance between price and quality.

If you are unable to do that, then trust us and pick the right one from the above list of products as we’ve enlisted the top-performing Playground here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the swing set with trampoline and slide set indoors?

Answer: Several models can be used simultaneously indoor and outdoor. Choose such a handy one as the LANGXUN 4 In 1 playset.

Q: How many kids can play in swing, slide, and trampoline sets?

Answer: This depends on how many play options the playset has. Usually, the combo swing, slide, and trampoline sets allow 3 or more kids to play once.

Q: Can I use trampoline, swing, and slide separately?

Answer: Yes, several models will allow us to use them separately. But some of them don’t let you do that.

Q: Are replacement parts available for the slide, swing, and trampoline set?

Answer: Yes, these parts and accessories are available. Get these parts from Amazon>>>.


So, after reading the article, you may understand how versatile fun the best swing set with trampoline and slide can provide your kids. Whether you want to add this set for the backyard or indoors just get that one from our suggested picks.

Hopefully, your children will now play in these versatile playsets for a longer period, thus they will grow better with fun! If you are keen on more kids’ playsets, you can check our other playgroundsarticles too.

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