Top 15 Best Camping Forums to Reveal Amazing Camping Hacks!

As a camping enthusiast, you might look for the best camping forum to get updated with the latest camping hacks. Today we’ll introduce some of the favorite camping, RVing, hiking, and backpacking forums. By joining these resourceful camping forums, you will get amazing camping guidelines, ideas, and gear lists.

In this article, we’ll break down several top camping forums. If you love camping, RVing, pop-up camping, or any other classic and new camping, our 15 cool camping forums will be helpful to you. Let’s get started!

A List Of Different Resourceful Camping Forums

1. Camper Community

The Camper Community is a popular tent camping forum. The whole forum is divided into several segments like tent camping tips, RV, campgrounds introduction, motorhome camping, camping recipes, tent owners manual, and so on. This site was launched in 2007 and adding great resources for the community.

2. Expedition Portal

If you are looking for a four-wheel camper forum, Expedition Portal will be a trustworthy one. There are exclusive categories like expedition vehicles, exploration, and adventure, expedition campers, two wheels expedition vehicles, etc. You will be familiar with lots of vehicles and get the idea to choose the right vehicle for your camping trip.

3. Hammock Forums

This is a wonderful Hammock Camping Forum for hammock campers. In this forum, you will get a detailed guideline on hammock camping, including a hammock suspension system, insulation process, bug net and ridgelines tips, hammock gear, manufacturers and services information, and many more.

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4. Backpacking Forum

For the backpacking enthusiasts, this Backpacking Forums USA opened valuable resources. There is almost everything about backpacking including gear guides, reviews, podcasts, webinars, and many other things. It is a paid forum with more than 19 years of archives documents. Surely, this forum will save you time, hassle, as well as money.

camping forum

5. Pop-Up Explorer

Pop-Up Explorer is a great resourceful forum for pop-up campers. If you want to get ideas on pop-up camping, a campsite near you, facing any pop-up camping problem, etc, then this pop-up camper forum will be the right platform to solve all these in one place. The unique categories are really helpful to find your best-fitted zone like RV 911, camping with pets, camping with kids, Boondocking and dry camping, overnighting, product reviews, quick tips, and so on.

6. RV Net

The RV.Net is am ultimate RV motorhome forum. This forum has dissimilar sections for class A, class B class C, fifth wheel, and other motorhome travelers. So, anyone can find and know his/her right RV style easily. This truck camper forum provides in-depth guidelines on RV parks, campgrounds, tech, RV for pets and kids, family camping, and other basic tips too.

7. Trail Groove

TrailGroove Magazine was established in 2012 to support hikers and backpackers. This publication focuses on providing basic outdoor tips, real online content, trail introduction, and so on.

8. Pop-Up Portal

Another resourceful pop-up camping forum is the Pop-Up Portal that is an old and reliable camping forum. From campers’ pre-purchase to camping tips and post-camping tips are included there to make your camping trip enjoyable.

9. Camping Road Trip

Camping Road Trip Forum is a dedicated camper trailer forum. There are discussions on RVing, family camping, horse camping, etc. If you need ideas for campgrounds, Resorts, or RV parts, you will find them here as well.

10. RV Forum

Out of the different camping forums, RV Forum stands out as a unique RV community. With the four-wheel Glamping vehicles suggestions, there you will find trailers and fifth-wheel Motorhomes topics. This is also a Boondocking RV forum. A variety of outdoor recreational activities like fishing, photography, water sports, etc, are also included here. If you need Workamping jobs or hunting for workampers, you will find these opportunities in this forum.

11. Campground Reviews

12. Camping Forum

13. RV Network

14. Caravan Parks

15. Camping Canada

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