7 Amazing Types Of Bounce Houses For Kids Fun!

A bounce house is an innovative way of pleasure for kids and toddlers. This bouncing and playing toy let kids grow better. It is an ideal playset for the birthday party, backyard, and indoor playground.

When the times come to purchase a bouncy house for toddlers, you’ll find many types of bounce houses. If you’re a first-timer or have little experience with inflatable bouncers that may confuse you to choosing the right one from such abundant categories.

Don’t worry! In this article, we’ll explain several popular types of inflatable bounce houses to clarify your worries. So, without further ado, let’s move on!

Different types of Bounce Houses

Bounce houses are available in different sizes, types, and colors. Here, we’re discussing 7 common types of inflatable bouncy houses that are widely used for toddlers’ fun.

Jumping Bounce House

The classical bounce house type is the bounce house jumper. It is designed for all ages children. Jumping bouncer is also known as castle house, moon bouncer, inflatable castle, bouncy castle, and more.

This kind of bounce house includes only the bounce platform like a castle. Kids jump up and down, therefore that makes them happy and energized. Inflatable jumping bounce houses come in various colors, types, and designs.

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Sliding Bounce House

This is a great-looking inflatable slide either comes with water or dry type. Active kids who love jumping and sliding find this handy. With the bouncer, one or multiple slides are attached together.

Water slides are one of the most favorite kids’ toys for the summer season. Even adults also love this very much. A dry inflatable slide would well appeal to birthday parties and year-round fun.

Inflatable Basketball Courts

If your kids love basketball, this will be the right fit for them. This unique inflatable accelerates the kid’s basketball game fun to the next level.

Besides jumping and playing they can hit their basketball in the built-in hook. So they grow better with this fun play item.

Obstacle Course Bounce House

Another wonderful bounce house type name is the obstacle course bounce house that easily attracts attention. Kids can choose their desired theme here and make a customized fun platform. Active children, even some adults love this playhouse.

Different fun obstacles can be added with the main bounce house such as tunnel, climbing wall, slide, and many more. All these extend kids’ fun a lot.

Bungee Run Bounce House

For older kids and adults, this bounce house is designed especially for some fun competitions. In this bounce house, two competitors go for a race and a stretchable rope pulled them back. Interesting, right?

Fun With Inflatable Birthday Cakes

Types Of Bounce Houses

For kids who love the inflatable birthday party, this will be the perfect option. It will also be an amazing idea for Christmas. Besides party and event fun, kids can bounce on the inflatable that will double their excitement.

Commercial Inflatable Bounce House

From the name you might understand, commercial bouncers are larger in size with lots of facilities. They are widely used in indoor playgrounds and parks. If you have multiple kids at home, you can consider this for their fun.


By now, you know the basic types of bounce houses. Most of them are available for residential and commercial use. So, you can now decide easily which inflatable bouncer will suit your kids well.

Let your kids have fun in their favorite inflatable bouncer for better development. Happy bouncing in inflatable bouncers!

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