7 Best Indoor Play Tents For Toddlers For Memorable Childhood!

Everyone loves a private den for his/her own – even your kids. You may have noticed that children look for a cozy spacem in the house for doing fun things such as playing, fairy tales, reading books, and taking naps. Play tents or teepees are such a wonderful small playhouse where kids can do all these safely either they are at home or outdoors.

If you’ve decided to buy the best indoor play tents for toddlers, you need to know their basic features first. Then go for the available options in the market and finally pick the most suitable play tent from there. However, selecting the best kids’ teepees and toy tents isn’t very easy as there are tons of alternatives.

So, what is the best play tent to buy? Don’t worry, we’ve come to help you out to narrow down your list with 7 top play tents and teepees. Let’s read the reviews and buying guides for a quick play tent purchase.

Benefits of Kids Play Tent House

Kids tent for play is not only fun, but it provides many other benefits too. Out there, we’ve compiled several top advantages of play tents below.

A Place of Their Own

The play tent is a good place to allow kids to play in their own way. As there are no adults, so they can do their work freely. Kids can do whatever they love to do. This allows kids to install the play tent in their little hands. At the festival, they can decorate it with toys and their special items.

Usually, kids do lots of fun activities in the play tent such as playing, reading books, drawing, story-telling, play planning, sleeping, you name it! The colorful tent and decorated interior design attract kids to play there for a long.

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Imaginative Play

A safe play tent is a good place to make kids’ dreams true. Sitting inside the little tent, they can figure out the world. Most quality play tent teepees come with versatile themes such as a spaceship, undersea, unicorn, sailboat, castle, animal, and many more that make kids curious about the unknown world and develop their creativity.

The little kids can make the greatest stories sitting in the tent toy. Outdoor play tents come with a camping play set that adds more fun to them. They get familiar with the different outdoor gear.

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Physical & Mental Development

Parents search for the best toys to make kids active. Play tent might be a good option in this regard. For toddlers, play tent tunnels help in independent exploration and movement. While untieing the door flaps, making knots and bows, and set up the little tent, motor skill improves naturally.

A good tunnel tent helps kids to learn to crawl well. This improves children’s muscles, bones, and overall body structure. Different reports tell crawling is good for physical development as well as sensory system, vestibular or balance system, coordination, cognition, problem-solving skills, and many more.

Improves Social Skills

With other benefits, play tents allow several kids to play together. In this way, they learn about planning, cooperation, communication, following instructions, taking turns, and so on. Thus play teepee tents help kids gaining social skills.

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Reviews of Best Indoor Play Tents For Toddlers

#1 – FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent

FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent


  • Dimension: 41.5 x 41. 5 in
  • Height: 54 in
  • Material: Polyester
  • Frame: Fiberglass
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs
  • Ages: 3-8 years kids
  • Occupancy: 2-3 kids

Starting off the review of the kids’ play tent with our top-pick FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent.If you are looking for the best indoor play tent for toddlers this will be an unparalleled option. This play toy is actually a pop-up tent that allows easy setup and takes apart. The spacious playhouse is ideal for girls ages between 3 to 8 years old. However, boys even teenagers can use this for limitless fun.

FoxPrint Play tent is constructed from polyester and the frame uses fiberglass. The easy setup play toy can be assembled within a few seconds and rods make this stable. Besides, this playhouse is designed with kids’ friendly pink color that attracts them to play for hours to develop their motor skills, creativity, and imagination power a lot. Kids can use this for playroom, bedroom, or basement.

Fox toy has a roll-up door and two windows for proper ventilation. It comes with a carrying case for easy transport. The foldable castle tent can easily carry in the portable zipper carry bag. The most amazing feature of this wonderful kids’ play tent is the glowing star and heart in the dark. On top of that, the Princess castle tent hasn’t any safety hazards.

FoxPrint castle play tent has versatile uses either indoor or outdoor for a magical adventure. This best-rated play tent will be a great toy for your kids for endless fun. So, don’t miss it if you need an amazing gift for kids or toddlers.


  • Stars and hearts glow in the dark
  • Kids friendly color
  • Good headspace
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Foldability eases transport
  • Comes with a zipper carry bag


  • Doesn’t accommodate sleeping the older kids
  • Should improve the door ties

#2 – USA Toyz Pop Up Rocket Ship Play Tent

USA Toyz Pop Up Rocket Ship Play Tent


  • Dimension: 40.5 x 40.5 in
  • Height: 51 in
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs
  • Capacity: Up to 3 kids
  • Bonus: Space projector

Our runners-up play tent is the USA Toyz Pop-Up Rocketship Tent that increases kids’ fun to a greater extent. Kids can play with this tent in an indoor, playroom, or garden. The spaceship tent introduces kids to space besides providing them a private room for playing. This foldable pop-up play tent allows pretty easy assembling and disassembling.

The astounding feature that makes this children’s play tent superior to others is the projector torch that comprises 3 space-themed image slide discs. And flashlight can project 24 images of the historic space and galaxy. The galactic play tent is 50″ in height and 40.5” in diameter that can accommodate 3 kids below 6 years old at once.

USA Toyz rocket tent is housed with water-resilient polyester fabric which is pretty convenient to clean. There is an extensive tie-back along with a web window. On top of that, the rocketship playhouse tent comes with a carry tote to transport securely and comfortably. You shouldn’t miss this top play tent for the money for aspiring astronauts.

There are two other styles of this play toy ‘Under the Sea’ and “Unicorn Tent”, you can also pick them as an alternative choice of the Spaceship Rocket Playhouse. We highly recommend this best indoor play tent for your little ones!


  • Made of breathable materials
  • Space projector torch enhances the fun
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Foldable pop-up playhouse
  • Storage bag ensures good portability
  • Accommodate 2 to 3 children


  • Tent seams may rip out fast
  • A little hole on the back might stick kids finger

#3 – Tiny Land White Teepee Tent With Mat & Light String

Tiny Land White Teepee Tent With Mat & Light String


  • Dimension: 47 x 47 in
  • Height: 66 in
  • Weight: 7.7 lbs
  • Material: Premium cotton fabric
  • Pole material: Pine wood
  • Occupancy: 2 kids

Many kids love to play in the teepee play tents for great fun. For them, Tiny Land Kids Teepee Tent gathers fabulous features. And this is our best teepee tent for kids and toddlers. This conical design playhouse will be an ideal gift item for any occasion either indoor or outdoor use. With its inner space, the height is also good enough to accommodate up to 2 kids.

The white canvas teepee has a mesh door and windows that keep the toy cool. Twice-polished 8 pine poles make the teepee durable. The teepee play toy allows customized painting according to kids’ choice like acrylic paint, water or oil-based, light strands, stickers, and more. There are 4 internal pockets to store small toys and valuable items.

An easily assemble, fold, and put away play toy is always preferred by parents, this teepee passes the test. With this, it comes with 3 fairy lights, a mat, and a carry bag. The thick, non-slip, and padded mat provides ultimate comfort to your kids and infants. On top of that, the light string will illuminate the teepee and create a festive look of this Tiny Land teepee playhouse.

There is no chemical odor in this toy and it is ASTM and EN 71 certified product. This good kids teepee play tent is highly recommended for a birthday party, festival décor, and story-time fun for a special space for preschoolers.


  • Allow customized painting and decoration
  • Proper ventilation with a mesh window
  • Thick and soft padded mat for comfort
  • Three fairy lights add good looking
  • Four interior pockets
  • Storage bag for easy transport
  • ASTM and EN 71 certified


  • Poles might move with kids activity
  • Flimsy battery box

#4 – Monobeach Princess Castle Play Tent With Star Lights

Monobeach Princess Castle Play Tent With Star Lights


  • Dimension: 55 x 55 in
  • Height: 53 in
  • Weight: 3.76 lbs
  • Material: Polyester
  • Pole material: PVC

Are you looking for the best indoor play tent for girls? The Monobeach Princess Play Tent is such a wonderful option that your girls will love. Let’s reveal the amazing features of this big play tent house that make it superior to others.

Kids especially girls love the bright color. This castle play tent comes in such gorgeous pink color. Sturdy polyester taffeta constructed tent extends its lifespan a lot that allows easy cleaning as well. Besides, robust PVC rods support the playhouse. The 55″ diameter hexagonal tent is roomy enough for 3 girls.

Monobeach play tent has open mesh doors on every side and you can keep them open or close using ties. To keep your little kids entertained this top-rated girls’ play tent comes with star lights which you can easily secure with door drapes and ceiling of the tent. And storage bag makes it easy to carry the playhouse from one place to another.

This girl play tent can be used at home, backyard, kindergarten, parks, and anywhere indoor and outdoor. You can gift this toy to the little princess to make their dreams true.


  • Provides magical theme with star lights
  • Ensures maximum ventilation
  • Spacious toy allows several princesses
  • Comes with 3 extra poles
  • Easy to assemble and clean


  • Instruction manual should be improved
  • Some customers complain quick ripping

#5 – UTEX Pop Up Play Tent With Tunnel

UTEX Pop Up Play Tent With Tunnel


  • Dimension: 119 x 31 x 34.6 inches
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Play tent: 31.5” Lx 31.5” W x 35.5”H
  • Square tent: 27” Lx 27” Wx28”H
  • Tunnel: 59” Lx 19”D

If you have several kids and need a multi-play options tent then you can consider the UTEX 3 in 1 Pop Up Play Tent With Tunnel. This 3 in 1 play tent includes a teepee tent, a square tent at two ends of 6 ft long tunnel. So, kids get a large play space there. Besides, they can also use these tents as an independent play tent as well.

Constructed from top-quality 190T polyester taffeta that makes the play tent house tunnel durable and resilient to wear and tear. Both play tents feature mesh windows for good air ventilation and transparency. The flap door ensures easy entry and exit. There are also two extra holes on the top in the square tent for additional fun.

UTEX kids play tent with crawl tunnel comes with a 21-inch carrying case for easy carrying. You can set up this toy both indoor and outdoor. For kids’ festivals and get-togethers, this could be a perfect play toy. With this, it’s also great for pets.

Kids will love the cheerful color and hole design tent house. Adding ball pits and other toys, you can foster children’s fun a lot. This best play tent and tunnel stimulates kids’ imagination and physical activity to a great extent.


  • 3 play stations
  • Good ventilation
  • Perfect for active kids
  • Easy to assemble and clean


  • Tunnel and tents connections aren’t great

#6 – FUN LITTLE TOYS Pop Up Kids Play Tent

FUN LITTLE TOYS Pop Up Kids Play Tent


  • Tent dimension: 30.7 x 30.7 in
  • Height: 35.5 in
  • Material: Fabric
  • Weight: 2.48 lbs
  • Playset: 18 pieces

The next play tent on our list is the FUN LITTLE TOYS Play Tent. It is actually a mini camping play tent that comes with an outdoor camping toy set. The foldable play tent makes the setting and carrying easy and convenient. Although this outdoor playhouse is suitable for both boys and girls, still little boys love it very much. So you can consider this as a good play tent for boys.

The little campers’ adventure play tent includes 18 pieces of camping toys such as a battery-powered gas stove, oil lamp, utility knife, plates, shovel, cooking pan, binoculars, smart-watch, multifunctional whistle, you name it! With such abundant play items along with the best outdoor play tent, toddlers’ outdoor playing experience extends a lot.

While playing with the camp set toy, kids will learn the basic camping skills with fun. Plus, the 4-in-1 emergency survival whistle also comprises a thermometer, flashlight, and compass. As the toy package comes with different modern gadgets so kids get familiar with these.

FUN LITTLE TOYS toddlers’ play tent is lightweight enough and the storage bag helps convenient carrying to the outdoor camping. It provides a good sleeping area, reading room, and safe play space for the kids. So, get the camp play tent for enhancing little toddlers’ outdoor fun.


  • Comes with camp 18 pieces play accessories
  • Good play tent camping set for toddler
  • Lightweight mini play tent
  • Kids can learn camping
  • Easy to set, fold, and carry


  • Not ideal for older kids

#7 – DEERC Kids Camping Tent Set Toys

DEERC Kids Camping Tent Set Toys


  • Dimension: 30.7 x 30.7 x 35.7 in
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 2.57
  • Playset: 23 pieces

We’ll conclude our toddlers’ play tents review with the last but not the least option DEERC Kids Camping Play Tent Set. It is another good choice for adventurous toddlers to discover nature. When it comes to the materials of these toys, they are quite durable, eco-friendly, and safe as they are housed with BPA-free and non-toxic plastic. All these make this an ideal play tent for toddlers.

This comprehensive camping set play tent comes with 23 pieces of toys that make kids active either indoor or outdoor. Several toys of this playset are an oil lamp, gas stove, dinner set, kitchen food set, telescope, watch, multi-functional tool, and so on.

With this DEERC play tent set, your kids would learn different things while playing therein. The kids would learn how to set tents while camping. Besides they get familiarized with versatile gadgets like a whistle, flashlight, smart-watch, compasses, telescope, and much more. 

Plus, this kids’ tent set comes with imaginary play food and a kitchen. So, your little toddlers would have the chance of learning how to cook and prepare foods besides having fun. Don’t miss this pop-up camping play tent for making a wondrous world for kids.


  • Small size play tent
  • Includes a whole 23 pieces playset
  • Tested for kids safety
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Improves kid’s skills


  • Choking hazards

Buying Guide of Best Indoor Play Tents For Toddlers

Considering several key factors, you can easily buy the best play teepees and tents for kids. These are discussed in the following section.

Types of Play Tent

Play tents are available in several types. The pop-up models are very popular among them. They are easy to set up, carry, and disassemble. Another widely used toddler’s tent needs assembling. They come with lightweight poles that make them more durable than the pop-up play tents. If you choose the best pop-up play tent model, forget about the setup hassle, just set it up with one toss in the air.

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You should choose soft, durable, odorless, and harsh chemical-free materials while buying kids’ teepees and play tents. Most of them are made from polycotton or natural cotton canvas. The quality play tent poles feature non-toxic material like pinewood. All other things of the teepees and tent houses should be eco-friendly as well.

Size & Shape

Best Indoor Play Tents For Toddlers

Children’s play tents come in various sizes and shapes. But most good teepees and play tents come in mini-size and round shapes. The small play tents make it easy to carry from one place to another. If kids need frequent moving their play spaces, choose a lightweight play tent. For several kids home, choose a larger one for more space.

Easy Setup & Take Down

When times come to choose a quality teepee tent for kids’ play that allows quick assembly and disassembly, the pop-up kids’ play tent wins undoubtedly. This allows no-time setup and taking apart. On the other hand, poles tents need small assembly before playing.

Other Accessories

The more the play options and accessories come with the play tent model, the more the kids will play therein. This will make kids active and foster their fun. Many top-choice play tent brands include different play accessories such as pit ball, tunnel, space theme, flashlight, indoor and outdoor playsets, and many more.

Another important add-on that comes with play tents is a carrying bag so you can carry the play toy when going outdoors for extra fun.


While choosing the teepee tents, consider the after-sales service and warranty. Most play tents aren’t very durable like camping tents, so most manufacturers don’t offer a handsome warranty. However, some of them offer 1 month even more money-back guarantee. If your package has any missing, broken, or faulty parts contact manufacturer, they will replace them happily.

How To Put Up A Play Tent Indoors

So, you are looking for tips on how to assemble a tent inside the home or bedroom? Installing a play tent in the bedroom or living space is really interesting, you can try it soon! The setup steps are as follows.

  • Make space according to tent size. You may move the furniture from the bedroom.
  • Place two or three layers of blankets or clothes for comfort.
  • Lay the tent on the center of the blankets.
  • Attach the support poles together and fasten them with the tent.
  • Raise the tent and secure the pole’s bottom with provided keys.

People Also Asked

Q: Who can use the play tents and kids’ teepees?

Answer: In general, teepees and play tents is ideal for 3 to 10 years kids. However, this depends on tent size and height. Some kids’ tents are made for older kids whereas a few of them are specially designed for little kids only.

Q: Which are the best play tent brands?

Answer: Play tents come with different brands. Each of them has some distinguishable features that make it superior to others. Several top play tent brands are FoxPrint, USA Toyz, FUN LITTLE TOYS, MITCIEN, Playz, Creatov, Avrsol, Rettebovon, Little Dove, Alvantor, and many more.

Q: Is it possible to build a play tent own?

Answer: Yes, it’s possible. But, you have to learn how to build a play tent first. Buying the necessary materials and assembling them, you can make a play tent for kids easily. See the following video to understand this.

Q: How to clean a play tent?

Answer: Most play tents are made from washable materials. If they get messy, you can clean them easily. For polyester fabric, use mild soap and a damp cloth to clean it. Natural cotton fabric tents need to be cleaned in the washing machine. Never apply bleach or chemical to clean the play tent. These might damage play tents or teepees.

Q: Can play tents can be used outdoors?

Answer: Most of them allow to use both indoor and outdoor. But, they are not very strong to deal with heavy winds on camping trips. Still, if you want to go with it, choose the quite durable model that is specially designed for outdoor play.

Q: Are all the play tents have interior pockets?

Answer: No, this is optional. Several play tent models have pockets while some of them come without pockets. But, pockets play tents and teepees allow storing small playsets and valuable things.

Q: Is play tents for 12 years old available.

Answer: Yes, you will get play tents for 9, 10, 11, 12 years kids. But they need quite durable play tents. For older kids play tents check this out>>>.

Q: Can I use a play tent for the pet?

Answer: Yes, you can use the kids’ play tent for the pet tent.


Play tents provide privacy and special play space for kids and toddlers that develop their imagination and skills to a great extent. While buying the best indoor play tents for toddlers, focus on quality that is basically comfort and safety of the kids. For older kids choose a spacious toy on the other hand smaller play teepees with fabulous playsets are ideal for toddlers. Active children love large play tents with different play stations like a tunnel.

Also, consider a good-looking toy tent that will help little boys and girls to make their dreams true. Give importance to durability too, if you want to use the kids’ tent for indoor and outdoor purposes simultaneously. And for quick setup, pop-up play tents will be an unparalleled option. Hopefully, by now you can easily pick the most appropriate play tent for the kids to create a safe tent house for them.

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