Comparison Between Cabin Tent Vs Dome Tent

Dome tent and cabin tent are two widely used tents. Each of them have some perks over another. They share many features, but have some obvious dissimilarities.

What are the differences between cabin tent vs dome tent? Cabin tents have higher peak and spacious enough, whereas dome tents are inexpensive model and provide better wind protection. And there are several other dissimilarities that you should know to choose the right option between them.

Let’s break down dome tent vs cabin tent for your easy understanding.

What Is A Dome Tent?


A dome tent is a hemispherical or dome-shaped tent with a rectangular floor. This is one of the classic and favorite tents for all ages people. Typically, there are two poles that cross each other diagonally at the peak. These tents can handle the strongest winds and heaviest snows.

They are available in different sizes and seasons. Dome tents are perfect for those, who need frequent moving with their tent. They are very lightweight and easily portable thus making them ideal for backpacking and hiking.

But some models are bigger and feature multiple rooms. The larger ones can accommodate 6 to 8 people on average.

Now come to the dome tent setting. It’s simple, even a single person can set it up within a couple of minutes. Moreover, it has a crisscrossing rod that fastens the fabric of the tent.

You will find semi-geodesic and geodesic dome tents that are very durable than the usual dome tents. They are free-standing tents and don’t need guy lines or pegging to stay upright.

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After getting a quick summary, let’s discover a good dome tent. Here is a recommendation for you!

Editor’s Choice: Best Dome Tent For Camping

MOON LENCE Camping Dome Tent is available in three dissimilar sizes 2, 4, and 6 person family tent. At the center, the peak height is maximum, then it gradually slopes down. So, it is a dome tent, right?

Setting this tent up is effortless, it needs 15 minutes maximum to put it up. And carry bag makes carrying convenient and easy. Let’s have a look at some features of this tent!

The dome tent fabric is constructed from 190T PU material that provides UV resistance and 100 mm water protection. Its poles are fiberglass made to prevent being heavy enough.

It is a double-layered tent that gives maximum protection to the campers. Moreover, you can equip rainfly when necessary. The tent package includes iron pegs so you can stable the tent in harsh weather using them in the right places.

Two large netting windows and bottom air vent keep the inside cool and fresh even on rainy days. And double zippers D-door will ease your entry and exit.

Inside mesh pockets allow store things safe. The tent also features a deck ring to hang your lamp and offer the finest environment in the evening.

So if you are a beginner and want a quality dome tent for camping, hiking, or backpacking, surely you can choose this one without any worry as it includes all you need!

What Is A Cabin Tent?


A cabin tent is more likely a cabin-style tent. The walls are vertical that plays a key role to create the cabin shape. Cabin tents are built to last that can withstand harsh weather.

They are also free-standing like dome tents. The multi-room models have good separators that made them great for privacy besides taking rest.

Cabin tents’ peak height ranges from 6 to 8 feet up to 30 feet. Most of them are ideal for families and group camping because of their space and high peak features. The larger multi-room cabin tents for families allow more than 10 people to live.

The cabin tent is good enough considering its sturdiness. It’s constructed from long-lasting materials either polyester or nylon. Besides, for long-term camping, it has a canvas edition as well.

Are you interested to get a cabin tent now? Well, here is a wonderful option to pick!

Editor’s Choice: Best Cabin Tent For Camping

Coleman 4/6/10 Person Cabin Tent is a good-choice cabin tent. This setup tent can be installed within 60 seconds, sounds great! Interestingly, there is no hassle of pole assembly as all the poles are pre-assembled for fast setup.

This is a durable tent that is made from 150 Denier and 150 Denier Polyester materials for maximum protection against UV. The double-thick fabric, inverted seam, welded corners made this tent fully waterproof and practical to any season.

Thus, it can smartly deal with heavy winds, snow, rain, and sunlight. However, by installing a rainfly you can extend the stability against rain. Besides, the dark tent blocks more than 90% sunlight to reduce heat so you can have sound sleep space.

This dark cabin tent has a roomy interior that allows a queen-size air bed to accommodate whole the family. So, don’t get this now for an unmatched camping experience!

Similarities Between Dome Tent And Cabin Tent

  • Nowadays both cabin tents and dome tents are mostly freestanding.
  • Sometimes we say dome tents are easier to set up than cabin tents. This is not the case actually. Both instant cabin tents and dome tents can be easily and quickly erected within a minute.
  • Both cabin tents and dome tents are found in different sizes and seasons. Some of them come with vestibules, but others have not. The engineering materials of these tents are quite the same.
  • The average size tents for each type can accommodate a large number of people at once.  So, these ones are go-to tents for family and group of people.

Difference Between Cabin Tent And Dome Tent

Peak Height

Higher headroom tents provide more space and comfort. Both dome tents and cabin tents have gradual center-point slopes. But dome-style tents ceiling has more slopes than cabin tents that make cabin tents better in terms of headroom.

If you are a taller person or want to walk around the tent without bending or kneeling yourself then a cabin tent is a good fit. The 2-6 person Sundome tent is a good center height tent for tall people.

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Inner Space

Tent inner space largely relies on peak height and shape. Normally, taller tents provide more inner space than the smaller height ones. Backpacking dome tents are smaller in size, but family dome tents for camping come with lots of spaces.

The cabin tent is actually a vertical-wall model so you can use the corner spaces as well which ensures maximum livable space. So, this will allow you to keep more furniture inside the tent.

For example, if you compare a 6 person dome tent with a 6 person cabin tent, the second option will win in terms of livable space.  

Ease of Setup

If you want to choose the right option between the cabin tent and dome tent in terms of installation easiness, then the dome will be a convenient choice. Its assembly is pretty convenient and straightforward. Anyone can install it without much toil.

On the other hand, cabin tent installation is quite tricky, as you need to secure it into the ground. In addition to that, the dismantling of this cabin is difficult as well.

But you will find the pop-up model for both of the tents nowadays. We said earlier that instant dome tents and cabin tents setup are very fast. It needs a couple of minutes only. You just need to extend the poles and secure the tent into the ground.

You may wonder, how to set up a dome tent or how to set up a cabin tent? The process is almost similar and you will find your answer here.


The larger cabin tents come with multi-room rooms. And each room is separated nicely, so you have enough privacy in the wilderness. Whether you are camping in a group or with your family, there is enough space for all.

So, couples can spend productive time there. But most of the dome tents don’t feature such facilities.

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cabin tent vs dome tent

Durability & Portability

The cabin tent is built with long-lasting materials like canvas, fabric, and steel rods. Most of them are 3 seasons tents. Because of heavyweight metal, the transportability is a little bit tough.

Besides, setting up, dismantling, and packing a big cabin tent is a time-consuming matter. An individual cannot handle it alone. But, it ensures high-quality longevity along with sturdiness.

Alternatively, dome tents are built from lightweight materials fabric, canvas, etc. And the support poles are made of aluminum. This makes them easy to carry, set up, disassemble and pack.


Tent cost is an important consideration when you want to pick between dome tents vs cabin tents. Usually, a dome tent is cheaper than a cabin tent. Most dome tents are canvas made and have steel rods which increase the cost.

But, there is a nylon edition of the cabin tent which is not as pricey as the canvas edition. And, this model is almost similar to the dome tent in terms of price.

When to Use Dome Tent And Cabin Tent?

Where to Use A Dome Tent?

You may wonder when to use a dome tent? Well, it’s the right time to talk about this.

When you need frequent changing to your camping place, then a dome tent will be more perfect as this is lightweight enough. At the same time, you can travel far-off with this tent without any discomfort. So, backpackers and hikers find this tent handy.

Where to Use A Cabin Tent?

A cabin tent is suitable for such a place where you want to stay in a particular area for a long period. Cabin tents are quite large and have a lofty ceiling that ensures free moving inside the tent.

So, this tent is appropriate to use when the number of participants in the group remains ten or more. Because, it provides huge space, privacy, and soothe.

If you desire to camp in a particular place for several days or months, then don’t hesitate to get the cabin tent. That’s why cabin tents are good for car camping and family camping.

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Pros And Cons Of Dome vs. Cabin Tent

Dome Tent Pros & Cons

Let’s break down the advantages and disadvantages of the dome tent.


  • Lightweight and Easy to carry
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Versatile tent type
  • Inexpensive


  • Limited inner space
  • Less headroom

Cabin Tent Pros & Cons

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of a cabin tent?


  • Spacious and taller
  • Good for long term camping
  • Privacy is ensured
  • Can be kept lots of furniture


  • Heavier made
  • Assembly requires two people minimum

Comparison Table On Dome Tent Vs Cabin Tent

TopicDome TentCabin Tent
SpaceSmaller than cabin tentSpacious
Peak l heightLimited heightHigher than dome model
Wind protectionBetter than cabinNot strong as dome
PriceInexpensiveExpensive than dome

The following video might help more precisely to understand the difference between dome tent and cabin tent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why cabin tents are heavier than dome tents?

Answer: Cabin tents are usually heavier compared to dome tents for several reasons. Basically, the poles used in cabin tents are made of steel that is structurally heavy.

The walls are large surfaces made of double layers. With them, the huge openings and room separators turn them heavier.

Q: What are the advantages of the dome tent with screen rooms?

Answer: You will find different dome tents that have built-in screen rooms. You can also attach later purchasing externally. This dome screen house will protect you from bugs and mosquitos.

Q: Which materials dome and cabin tents are good to use?

Answer: Manufacturers use sturdy elements in making dome and cabin tents. If we talk about sturdy material, canvas material is topping the list. It can handle the toughest climate more than any other substances like polyester or nylon.

On the other hand, the nylon or the polyester edition is not as sturdy as the canvas version. Still, these editions will provide you many other facilities. If you think about the popularity, canvas dome tent and cabin tent will also be awesome.


Dome tents and cabin tents are very popular among outdoor enthusiasts. Each tent has many good perks, so it’s up to you whatever the type you choose for your upcoming camping. And we also included some suggestions of their best options.

The cabin tent is spacious and perfect for a large group of people. Whereas dome tent is durable and ultralight that makes them perfect for harsh weather. Recently new dome-cabin combo tents have emerged that use the good features of both tents.

So, knowing cabin tent vs dome tent differences with their pros and cons will help you out choosing the right one and heading out for the next camping trip. Enjoy the wilderness and off-grid camping!

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