Frame Tent Vs Pole Tent Comparison

Pole tent and frame tent are two popular tents for for weddings, parties, and events. Usually, these special structure tents are larger and pricier than other usual tents. Most people rent these commercial tents for a certain period, but you can purchase them as well.

What are the differences between pole tent vs frame tent? Pole tents are economical and have attractive peaks, whereas frame tents have no center poles that make them obstruction-free. Before you choose the right option between them, you should consider their features and dissimilarities, knowing their basic features will help you a lot.

No worries! I’ll share frame tent vs pole tent comparison here. Let’s discover the fact.

What Is A Frame Tent?


The frame tent is a roof-like structure built with frames rather than poles. These tents have side poles on the outside but don’t have any central poles. So, the frame is the main thing that holds the whole tent weight.

This tent is secured with weight (like water barrels) but anchor ropes are also used sometimes. Usually, the frame tents require more parts than pole tents.

The frame is mainly made from steel or aluminum pipe.  As there is no pole in the middle, so you see it clearly on the inside. However, you can also cover it with fabric liners or pipes.

After knowing a brief about frame tent. You may need a good frame tent idea. So here is a suggestion for you.

Editor’s Choice: Best Frame Tent

ADVANCE OUTDOOR 10×20 Ft Heavy Duty Party Tent is actually a multipurpose frame tent. You can use this as a carport, garage, boat shelter, deck, party tent, backyard canopy, and you name it!

This carport tent’s frames and poles are made of galvanized steel. It includes 8 firm legs with 1.5-inch diameter poles, 8 auger anchors, 16 steel pegs, and 1.2 mm thick diameter connectors. All these provide great stability to the tent.

The most amazing feature of this large tent that everyone will like is its height adjustability. Yes, you can adjust the side height at four different levels according to your need. Although this 10×20 ft frame tent is large enough still two or more adults can assemble it within half an hour.

The top cover of this party tent is made of triple-layer and heat-sealed polyethylene. Thus, you will find the canopy very stable throughout the year against all harsh weather like sun, rain, wind, and snow. So, don’t miss this top-quality weatherproof frame tent!

What Is A Pole Tent?


Pole tents are designed with poles (side and middle) to support the beams of the tent. Due to their central poles, they make good-looking high peaks. This elegantly designed tent looks like a canopy that makes it adaptable for any event

Most of the pole tents are engineered with a high wind rating (72 mph or more). The installation and put-down process is also easier. Pole tents are secured by driving stakes in the ground.

Are you wondering know the features of a good pole tent? Well, here is a top-pick pole tent recommendation.

Editor’s Choice: Best Pole Tent

TentandTable 20×20 Ft Weekender Canopy Pole Tent is designed for weddings, parties, rehearsal dinners, graduations, and events. This large pole tent is ideal for 33 to 80 people.

Being a pole tent it suits on grass or other soft surfaces. It’s not recommended to use it on concrete. And if you want to install it on asphalt or blacktop, you need to drill the ground and anchor the heavy-duty stakes using the supplied ropes.

All the side poles and single-center pole are made of galvanized steel for great stability. The cover is constructed from 14 oz translucent vinyl to make the canopy flame-resistant and waterproof. Guy ropes are permanently spliced with the pole locations.

Having this pole tent you can impress the guests. If you plan to use this at weddings, you can decorate the high peak canopy elegantly. We highly recommended this for your next event!

When To Use These Frame and Pole Tents?

Where To Use A Frame Tent?

Frame tents form either square or rectangular shapes. This free-standing tent allows you to set up almost anywhere you want including grass, concrete, asphalt, or deck.

The ceiling framework allows users to add lightweight decoration, fans, lighting fixtures, and many more. Side poles can be draped as frames. Installing the sidewall, you can make the tents air-conditioned.

All these make it a cool tent for the festival. You can also use this in the garden, garage, carport, boat shelter, canopy, parties, etc. Keep in mind frame tents are different from cross cable tents, pop-up tents, and structure tents.

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Where To Use A Pole Tent?

Pole tents are ideal go-to tents for events, especially for grassy areas. They have many perimeter poles and stakes. The giant center poles give this tent swoop effect for its peaks, dips, and curves that many brides love.

Whether you arrange parties, weddings, reunions, trade shows, or festivals, a pole tent will be an ideal choice.

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pole tent vs frame-tent

Pole Tent vs. Frame Tent – Pros & Cons

Frame Tent Pros & Cons

Are you interested to know the exclusive features with the pros and cons of frame tents? Well, here are the most important ones.


  • As there is no center pole, so users get more interior space. This also gives an unobstructed view.
  • Frame tents offer you to customize floor. If you need a mobile dance floor for the wedding reception, a frame tent will allow this. You can install this tent on various types of surfaces.
  • The frame tent is the right choice for those who need a quality tent that will stay a week or more.
  • If you want to set up a tent against a house or building, a frame tent will be a handy option.
  • You can install stakes or guy lines closer to the tent legs that require lesser space than a pole tent.


  • Generally, frame tents are pricier than pole tents. More parts of this tent make them expensive.
  • The interior frame is visible that might reduce the overall appearance. To hide these, decorative costs upsurges.
  • The set-up and take-down times are higher than the pole tent. Material handling adds more time here.

See the frame tent basics video to learn more.

Pole Tent Pros & Cons

Pole tents have many great features over the frame tents. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of pole tents in brief.


  • Pole tents are much more attractive than frame tents. The high peaks look nice from the outside.
  • The setup and put down process is easier than frame tent.
  • Pole tents are inexpensive than frame tents.
  • You can easily transport this tent as there are a few parts.


  • The center poles obstruct the interior space slightly.
  • To stable pole tents, staking in the ground is a must. That requires larger installation space (5 to 8 additional feet) on each side.
  • Staking in harder surfaces like asphalt and concrete is almost impossible here.

We recommend the pole tent basics video to learn more.

Comparison Table Between Pole Tent Vs Frame Tent

FeaturesPole TentFrame Tent
AttractivenessMore attractiveLess attractive than a pole tent
Central polesYesNo
PriceRelatively lowerRelatively higher
Setup easinessEasier setup than a frame tentNeed more people
Anchoring systemStakes and ratchetsStakes or water barrels
Wind ratingYesNo
Good forShort-termLong-term

Hopefully, from the above comparison chart, you can understand the basics, similarities, and dissimilarities between the two event tents. However, if you are still confused the following video will ease understanding of the differences between a frame tent and a pole tent.

People Also Ask

Q: How much wind can a party tent withstand?

Answer: Usually, party and event tents are more durable than other classical tents. Traditional tents can withstand 30-40 mph winds but party tents can withstand 60 to 80 mph winds. However, you can make them more secure with proper anchoring.

Q: What are the different types of tents for weddings and events?

Answer: There are different types of tents for events or festivals such as frame tents, pole tents, clear tents, marquee tents, sailcloth tents, teepee tents, carnival tents, tropical-style tents, yurt, and many more. Sometimes canopy tent is used for small events. Out there, pole tents and frame tents are very popular.

Q: Where to buy the best party or wedding tent?

Answer: Lots of retailers either online or offline sell tents for parties or weddings. Out there is a reliable one to pick the best wedding tents.

Q: What is a structure tent?

Answer: The structure tent is another good tent used for events. Usually, they are taller than frame and pole tents.

Q: Are Sailcloth tents good for parties?

Answer: Yes, sailcloth tents are good to have for parties and events. They are made from semi-transparent and lightweight materials. So they allow natural lights in the daytime and glow at night.


After reading the difference between frame tent vs pole tent, you can now easily choose the most suitable one according to your budget, event, surface, and other factors. Truly, it’s a personal choice which one you choose for guest reception.

In short, pole tent is popular for its attractive looks, heavy winds tolerance, and affordable costs. On the other hand, when you need custom floor and long-term use, a frame tent will be more appropriate. Hopefully, your event will be festive, whatever you choose frame tent or a pole tent.

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