How To Sharpen A Machete Without Sharpening Tools? (11 Easy Ways)

Machete or edged tools need to be sharpened when they get dull or rusty. Luckily, there are numerous sharpening tools like the whetstone, file, electric sharpener, and you name it to sharpen your favorite machete.

But what you will do if you don’t have any sharpening tool at hand? Don’t worry, you can make razor-sharp a machete without any sharpener or tool either at home or outdoors.

Some of the proven ways to sharpen a machete or knife without sharpeners are a coffee mug, slate, leather belt, nail file, concrete, etc. These methods are inexpensive but require extra time than the traditional method.

Here I’ll share different DIY methods on how to sharpen a machete without tools. Let’s reveal the hacks.

DIY Machete Sharpening Without Any Tools Or Sharpener

how to sharpen a machete without tools

Method 1: Slate Or Smooth Stone

Slate is one of the best ways to sharpen a machete without any tool and its performance is quite similar to the whetstone. So how to make your machete razor sharp using slate?

Firstly, soak the slate in the water for a while (at least 5 minutes). Put the slate in a leveled ground, then pull the machete back and forth until you get the proper sharpness.

Method 2: Iron Rod

Iron rods or barbecue rods can be used to sharpen your machete. Run the blade against the rod steadily. You will get a sharp edge after doing this several times. Actually, you can use any clean iron rod to do the job even a knife.

Method 3: Steel

If you have a steel rod at home, you can use it to hone the machete. In this case, you might need to warm the steel first in strove. Then run the blade against the hot steel.

This process is very effective to hone the machete without any sharpener. But be careful, hot steel may burn you. So, you can use thick gloves to protect your hand from burning.

Method 4: Sand

Sand is an old method to sharpen the blade easily. There are several ways to do it

  • Place a plank in inclined condition then hone the machete or blade using the sand. You can also use any logs in this process.
  • You may need paper, tree leaves, fabric, or other things in this method. Place the machete in a leveled place.  Then rub the machete using the sand and paper.

Method 5: Nail File

The nail file is a common thing that you will find in every home. You can run the machete against this tool to hone it perfectly.

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Method 6: Concrete Or Rock

Concrete blocks can be used to sharpen the machete. If there is no other option concrete might be life’s savior even concrete roads can be a good way to do it.

Pour water on the concrete, then stroke the machete against it until you get the desired sharpness. This will hone the machete shortly.

Method 7: Leather Belt

A leather belt is another effective way to hone the machete well. If the sharpness of the machete is in between extreme dull and razor-sharp this method will work best.

So, a leather belt is basically good for stropping that makes the middle sharp belt into a razor-sharp blade removing the microscopic dullness from the edge.

Method 8: Cardboard

Cardboard is another way to sharpen the machete without any sharpening tool. Like leather belts, cardboard can be used to hone your machete.

But the cardboard method is applicable for the middle sharp edges’ tools.

Method 9: Ceramic Mug

Honestly speaking, you can use the ceramic mug to sharpen your machete. It’s hard and coarse which allows you to hone your machete easily. But this method is applicable if the bottom of the mug has a raw edge.

To sharpen the machete, turn over the mug so its bottom part goes into the top and keep it on a plain surface. Now start honing the machete against the mug.

When one side of the blade reaches a good level of sharpness go to another side of the blade and make it sharp too.

But don’t apply too much pressure on the ceramic mug as this might damage the mug edge and even can be a reason for its breakage.

Method 2: Car Window

Yes, you hear right. You can use the car window to make your machete sharpened. Car windows have rough and round edges, thus they might be very effective to hone the machete or any kind of blade.

The window which you’re going to use to sharpen the machete, keep it halfway downward. Then run the machete against the coarse edge of the car window. Continue this until you get a razor-sharp edge for both sides of the blade.

Method 11: Shovel

While thinking of sharpening a machete without any tools, the shovel can be a great option for you. As the shovel is coarse and hard enough thus you can use this wacky tool for honing the machete.

Hold the shovel vertically with your alternate hand and the machete with the dominant hand. Then stroke along the edge of the blade repeatedly until the machete sharpened as you desire.

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The following video shows different ways how to sharpen a knife without a sharpener. These methods are also applicable to the machete.

People Also Ask

Q: What is the sharpening angle for the machete?

Answer: 20 to 25 degrees angles work best while sharpening machetes.

Q: What is the best way to sharpen a machete?

Answer: This depends on personal taste. Usually, belt sanders, grinders, and electric sharpeners are some of the best ways to sharpen machetes.


Sharpening a machete without tools might be life-saving in extreme situations. These processes require some extra effort, but they will be extremely helpful in need of urgent.

By now you know different ways how to sharpen a machete without any tool or sharpener. So, apply the method that is available and most suitable for you. But consider safety importantly.

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