Blundstone Vs Red Wing Shoes: Which Is Better?

Blundstone and Red Wing boots are popular footwear brands. Both brands provide reliable boots and last longer. Red Wing boots and Blundstone especially with 500 and 550s Blundstone have some similarities. However, they have some dissimilarities too.

So, what are the differences between Blundstone vs Red Wing boots? Red Wings are quite expensive and provide better ankle support, whereas Blundstone boots are more durable and lightweight than the Red Wing models.

If you are looking for the best option between these two boots brands, this article you help you greatly. Let’s read on and have the right pair for you!

History of Red Wing and Blundstone Boots

Blundstone Boots

Blundstone is an Aussie boot brand founded by John Blundstone and Sons in 1870 in Hobart, Tasmania. Their boots mainly use leather material to make them top-performing.

They manufacture various kinds of boots for all classes of people, but Chelsea work boots are the industry-leading ones. The best thing about Blundstone boots is that you can wear them anywhere you want.

These boots can absorb the highest amount of shock, making them cushioning while you’re working wearing them.

During World War 2, Blundstone supplied almost half a million pairs of Bunny boots for the Aussie troops. In the 1970s, the boot company reached a new height.

Blundstone continues the improvement of its boots to make them more user-friendly and appealing.

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Red Wing Boots

Red Wing is a family-owned American shoe company founded in 1905 in Red Wing, Minnesota. They craft lifestyle footwear and leather goods for modern men and women for over a century.

The fun fact is that they supplied shoes for in World War I and World War II for soldiers. At the beginning of the 1970s, the owners of Red Wings in Japan and Europe wore stylized American footwear work boots.

Before launching the Red Wing company, they had a long history like Gloria in 1926 which was the original women’s boot. In 1952 they developed 877 Moc Toe and the S.B. Foot Tanning Company was there another project in 1987.

Red Wing Heritage manufactures different types of boots but they focus on work boots from the beginning. Their boots are very durable and provide great safety and comfort.

These shoes and boots use rubber or a blend of leather with rubber in outsoles. They continue the improvement of their shoes and boots to maintain their pride and purpose.

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Difference Between Blundstone Vs Red Wing Boots

Blundstone VS Red Wing


If you need a lightweight option Blundstone will be the right choice. Although the weight difference isn’t very significant, still you may consider it while choosing the right one between them.

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There are also additional layers inside that make Red Wing comfortable. The outsole of the Red Wing shoes is also softer than Bunny boots.

Blundstone boots soles are also comfy too, but quite lesser than the Red Wing shoes.

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Red Wing is actually comfortable and fashionable footwear whereas Blundstone is mainly used as a work boot. So, Red Wing will be the better choice for fashion-forward people.

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Ankle Support

Red Wings will give you slightly better ankle support compared to Blundstone.

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Red Wing boots are quite more expensive than Blundstones. Most Red Wing shoes have inner stitches for better durability and air passing.

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The following video breaks down the differences between Red Wing vs. Blundstone Chelsea boots.

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Red Wing Vs Blundstone Shoes Comparison Table

Comparison TopicBlundstoneRed Wing
Founded in18701905
Originated InAustraliaAmerica
WeightLighterLittle heavier

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What are the differences between Blundstone vs Red Wing shoes? Red Wing shoes are made from better quality material than the Blundstone boots.

If you’re concerned about quality and comfort. Red Wing should be your first priority. But Blundstone is a cheaper option than Red Wings but the quality will also be almost the same as Red Wing.

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