Best Way To Set Up A Big Tent Step By Step: Large Party Tent/Canopy Setup Guide!

Party and event tents are larger than the usual camping tents. Thus, their installing processes also vary with the traditional tents. So, the question arises, how to set up a big tent or canopy in the right way.

In this article, we’re going to explain the best way on how to set up a large tent or canopy effectively. Let’s know the method of putting a large party or event tent to get a good-looking shade and impress others. Here we go!

Step By Step Guide On How To Set Up A Big Tent/Canopy Easily

Either you want to put up a big canopy, frame tent, or pole tent for events, this is important for you to know how to assemble a canopy tent or other party tents. To complete the large tent pitching, you need at least three to four people. The big-size tent assembly processes are as follows.

Step 1: Gather Essentials

Ascertain all tent parts and tools are in your hand. These include side poles, center poles, stakes, ratchets, etc.

Step 2: Put Down The Stakes

Put the stakes around 4 feet away from the perimeter grommets. Place 2 stakes in each corner at 90 degrees angle. Drive stakes vertically in the ground and keep a minimum of 6 inches exposed.

Step 3: Fasten Ratchet Straps With Stakes

Attach ratchet strap with each stake. Just turn the loop on the ratchet end inside out and pull strap to fasten tightly with stake.

How To Set Up A Big Tent

Step 4: Lay Down The Tent

Unfold the tent drop cloth and place it in the desired location. Make sure the place is free from dirt, rock, and sharp elements.Put the tent top cloth over the drop cloth. Be sure the top cloth is clean, unroll, unfold, and pull its perimeter to get the full size.

Step 5: Attach Ratchet Straps Tent & Buckels

Install the ratchet straps with the tent and attach the ratchet buckles. Pass the straps from the tent and insert them through the reel bars slot and bring the straps back towards the tent and tightly secure the straps.

Step 6: Place The Corner Poles

Place corner poles in each grommet and insert the pole-pins through the tent’s built-in metal O-rings and brass grommet holes. Raise corner poles upright and tighten the ratchets.

Step 7: Assemble the Poles

Assemble the first center pole together, insert the pole-pin through the tent hole. Place the pole into an inclined position. Secure the pole with the jump rope. If the party tent has more than one center pole (like a pole tent) install them as well.

Step 8: Erect The Tent & Adjust The Ratchet Straps

After erecting the tent eliminate the drop cloth and bring the center pole/s in a vertical position. Tighten the loosely connected side poles straps by back and forth action of ratchets.Plus secure them with jump ropes. And roll the extra ratchet straps into the ratchet buckles.

Step 9: Install The Sidewalls

If you want to install the sidewalls, fasten the sidewalls with the side poles. So, the large tent installation is now completed.

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If you are still confused, the following video will help you understand the topic precisely.

Final Words

A right setup party tent will provide good aesthetics as well as extend your event fun a lot. Hopefully, this article will help you greatly to understand on how to set up a big tent.

If you want to bypass the hassle, hire the professionals for an impressive looking. So, install the large tent or canopy rightly and have fun!

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