Pop Up Tent Folding Instructions With Pitching Guidelines!

Pop-up tents are the fastest pitching tents and that is the main reason behind the popularity. Some of them allow you to pitch within a few seconds. Thus, there is no hassle that you face frequently in traditional tents installation.

After purchasing a good one, it’s recommended to learn how to pitch a pop-up tent effectively before you hit on the campsite. Also, know and practice how to fold a pop-up tent so you can do it quickly in the campground.

That’s why here we come with some handy tips on pop-up tent folding instructions and pitching tips to help you out.

How To Put Up A Pop Up Tent: Some Essential Tips By Experts!

Most of the pop-up camping tents are lightweight and come inside a carrying bag. Typically, a carrying bag and harness keep the tent inside safely.

After reaching the campsite, choose a good spot first. Then unbox the tent and be prepared to set the pop-up tent up.

We’ve said earlier that, instant pop-up tent pitching is easier than the usual tent pitching. Actually, when you unfold the pop-up tent, you are almost done.

Pop Up Tent Folding Instructions

While bringing the tent out of the bag, hold all layers of fabric together and firmly grab the frame as well. Now release the harness and toss the folded tent in the air. So, the tent will unfold and open up completely.

If there are winds, secure the tent with pegs, sandbags, and guy ropes for more stability. In the rain, you can install a rainfly if needed.

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Best Guide On How To Take Down & Fold A Pop Up Tent

After knowing the pop-up tent setup process, it’s also necessary to learn the disassembly process. Actually, Taking down a pop-up tent is opposite to the put-up system.

Pre-Folding Tips

Before folding or packing away the pop-up tent, do the primary things first.

Clean The Tent

Storing dirty tents for a long time can damage them severely. So, it’s important to remove the garbage from tents.

If there are dirt and debris, sweep it well. Also, clean the accumulated mud or stains from the tent using a moist cloth or sponge with water any mild soapy solution.

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Dry the tent

After cleaning the tent, dry it out. Don’t fold a wet tent otherwise mold will build up and the tent will be damaged severely. Even if it’s not wet yet, still air out the tent for an hour for a better result.

Remove The Tarp & Anchors

Release the stakes and guy lines to make the tent free from extra tension. If there is a rainfly, detach it too. Clean the stakes and tarp before packing them out.

How To Fold & Take Down A Pop Up Tent Step By Step

Now you have to fold down the tent. So how to fold a pop-up tent? Let’s know the tricks!

Step 1: Grab the top two poles together and fold them in the middle. Make sure, you unzip the tent door to let the inside air escape.

Step 2: Then stand the pop-up tent up and fold the bottom two poles with the previous two’s. To do that grab the upside poles in one hand and push the bottom poles with another hand and fold it to make a circular shape.

Step 3: You will see two circles are formed, now put them together simply by sliding one over another. Now fasten the tent with a belt and keep the pop-up inside the storage bag.

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If you are a visual learner and need more ideas, the following video might help you to learn how to fold a pop-up tent fast.


Pop-up tent pitching and folding is really easy. But wrong folding can damage the tent completely. Hopefully, this article will help you do that correctly, whether you want to set up Gigatent, Abcosport, or any other models.

Congratulation on learning the folding the pop-up tent process. Now, practice several times and do it as a pro in the campground.

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