What Are The Best Pop Up Shower/Privacy/Toilet/Change Room Tents?

You never compromise privacy, even in the outdoors, right? The best shower tents come in handy when you need outdoor privacy such as taking showers, changing clothes, camping toilets, you name it!

Your tasks will be easier if the shelter is a pop-up tent as it can be set up or put down within 10 to 15 seconds or at zero time. Along with that, this pop-up pod is also foldable that allows easy carry and storage. Amazing, yeah!

So, we’re here to help you out with the reviews of the best pop-up shower tents. Here we’ve enlisted 5 top choices for your easy findings. Keep reading!

Top Pick Camping Pop Up Shower Tents

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Different Uses Of Pop-Up Shower Tents

Pop-up shower tents have versatile uses outdoor and indoor. In indoor, these potable and foldable pop-up tents allow use as kids’ play tents, pet tents, dressing rooms for actors and dancers, and much more.

While staying outside, you can use these pop-up bathroom shower tents as an emergency privacy shelter in many ways, such as camp toilets, outdoor showers, changing rooms, rain shelters, bathrooms for fishermen and hunters, and much more.

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Best Pop Up Shower Tents Reviews

#1 – GigaTent Pop Up Camping Shower Tent

GigaTent Pop Up Camping Shower Tent


  • Dimension: 3 ft x 3 ft x 69 inch
  • Material: Polyester taffeta 190T
  • Weight: 3.31 lbs
  • Available color: Green

The very first portable pop-up shower tent is the GigaTent Pop Up Pod. This is a popular, reliable, and one of the best pop-up camping shower tents. It is a compact, ultralight, and instant setup shower tent.

Gigatent shower tent is built from premium polyester taffeta 190T. So it provides water resilience. Its frame is durable and made of high-quality, flexible steel so you will get long-lasting performance.

Anyone can easily and quickly set it up. The folding capacity makes this easy to carry for the outdoor trip. It features standard space with headspace so you can do your private task inside.

The package includes all the necessary features for safety and stability, such as nylon loops, guy lines, sewn-on sandbag pockets, toggles and loops for tying rolled-up the door, a fully enclosed top, and much more.

Besides the four included stakes enhance tent stability a lot. There is a double-sided zipper door to zip the tent from both sides.

We highly recommend this top-rated pop-up shower tent as you can use this for any privacy task on camping like camp toilet, rain shelter, and many more. So, pick this best portable pop-up shower tent for maximum privacy for your outdoor trip. 


  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight and small pop-up tent
  • Built-in features to stable the tent


  • Slightly transparent

#2 – WolfWise Pop up Potty Shower Tent

WolfWise Pop up Potty Shower Tent


  • Dimension: 47.2 x 47.2 x 74.8 inch
  • Folded size: 22.8 x 22.8 x 1.4 inch
  • Material: 190T polyester
  • Weight: 4.3 lbs
  • Color: Blue, green

Our second pick foldable shower tent is the Blazers A10 WolfWise Pop-Up Shower Tent. This’ll provide you privacy in the shower or potty even you are miles away from home. So many campers consider it as the best pop-up potty shower tent.

Made of polyester fabric that ensures durability. With fabric, there are taped seams to block up to 60% UV rays. Durability and corrosion resistance is ensured here as the frame is made of galvanized steel.

For ventilation, the shelter features a small window in the back. Also, you’ll find a double zip door in the front for easy entry and ventilation. So, both door and window are good enough to dissipate all types of odor from inside.

Headspace is good enough to fit tall men without any head collision. There is an elastic hang rope in the interior for keeping towels and clothes while showering.

WolfWise shower tent includes 8 stakes in the package to secure the tent from flying away. And there is a good carrying bag to easily carry it in traveling. Don’t miss this best pop-up privacy shower tent for the next adventure.


  • Provides UV protection
  • Window for ventilation
  • Easy to install and put down


  • No extra cover on top

#3 – Abcosport Pop up Changing Shower Tent

Abcosport Pop up Changing Shower Tent


  • Dimensions: 47x47x75 inches
  • Material: Silver-coated polyester
  • Weight: 4.37 lbs
  • Color: Green

Abco Tech Pop Up Shower Tent is a versatile and lightweight shower tent. This is one of the best pop-up changing shower tents for outdoor enthusiasts.

Abcosport pop-up shower tent features thick fabric to keep your privacy. Made of flexible steel and silver-coated polyester that ensures great sturdiness.

There is a zippered side window for air ventilation, a rolled double zipper door for easy entry and exit. For your convenience, you will find a phone or wallet storage porch to keep valuable things and a clothesline for drying clothes.

Besides, this top-quality pop-up shower tent comes with nylon loops along with 4 metal-earth stakes for extra stability. You can easily put this tent up and fold it within a few seconds.

While traveling, the carrying bag will help you carry this bag on your back. So, take this good pop-up shower tent for ultimate camping privacy.


  • Storage pocket and clothesline
  • Enough headroom
  • One toss setup
  • Travel-friendly tent


  • Quite transparent
  • Some customers complain about zipper quality

#4 – Your Choice Pop Up Folding Privacy Shower Tent


  • Dimension: 47.2×47.2×74.8in
  • Material: 190D polyester
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Color options: Black, green, blue, camo green, gray-white

Still not getting your foldable camping shower tent? Well, don’t worry Your Choice Pop Up Privacy Tent comes with wonderful features that make it a reliable pop-up pod for outdoor privacy shower, toilet, or cloth changing.

This tent is durable that is constructed from UV-resistant and waterproof 190D polyester. The Interior has a silver lining that absorbs and reflects harmful UV rays for better protection. Door has double-sided zippers for extra safety.

All sides of the tent have widened cloth thus you will get maximum privacy as well blocks the heavy winds. Roof has two small zipper windows for good air circulation thus providing cleanliness. It has two straps to attach the shower head.

There are also many other essential features like cloth hangers, storage pockets, 8 stakes to secure the tent in the ground, and many more. Your Choice pop-up pod is 6.2 ft tall that allows standing anyone inside. This will be a good buy for your next camping trip.


  • Large door enables easy entry and exit
  • Standard height for tall people
  • Lots of features for comfortability
  • No-floor design results clean tent


  • Stitching should be improved

#5 – Green Elephant Utilitent Portable Camping Toilet Shower Tent


  • Dimensions: 3’11”x3’11”x6’10.7”
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Black

If you are very tall and need an extra-tall pop-up privacy tent, then you can choose this Green Elephant Pop Up POD lightweight bathroom tent. It is 82.7 ft tall which makes this pod very spacious to stand up as well as stretch out inside.

The shower opening makes this model convenient to take shower in the tent. It is made from water-repellent polyester. There are many other accessories to add comfort such as storage space, clothes hanger, flashlight hanger, toilet paper hanger, external towel hanger, etc.

Utilitent changing room tent includes numerous things in the package including a rain cover, 4 sandbags, 4 metal hooks, 8 tent pegs, 4 tensioners, and you name it. So, having this privacy tent you will get all the necessary things for taking showing safely outdoor.


  • Allows extra tall people to stand inside
  • Lots of accessories and features
  • Shower opening with mosquito net
  • Comes with a rain cover to keep inside dry
  • No-floor design ensures cleanliness


  • Toilet paper holder is quite flimsy

Buying Tips For Best Pop Up Privacy Toilet tents


Generally, shower tents are made of various materials such as polyester, polyethylene, Polyvinylchloride, etc. Some of them claim to be waterproof. This tent should be UV resistant too.


best pop up shower tent

Comfortable standing is necessary for taking shower smoothly. If you are 6 ft tall make sure the height is more than that.


Pop-up shower tents should have good ventilation. Top-quality foldable pop-up tents feature small windows and doors to ensure proper airflow.

This dissipates odor and gives a fresh feeling inside the shelter. A double zipper rolling door is preferable.

Poles Materials

Most shower tents use fiberglass, steel, or aluminum poles. Fiberglass poles are lightweight but fragile.

If you are too much concerned about weight, go for fiberglass or aluminum. On the other hand, the metal poles will be a better option considering durability.


Pop-up shower tents aren’t durable like other traditional tents. So, you can’t make them very stable in high winds.

But, you can use anchoring kits such as sandbags, stakes to improve their durability in windy locations. And many popular pop-up shower tents include wind stakes with tent packages.

Towel Hangers & pockets

To keep a towel or change clothes, most of them have a clothesline or towel hanger. Besides, some of them feature internal pockets to save small and valuable items when taking shower.

Set up & Foldability

This is one of the most amazing features that makes pop-up camping changing tents superior to others. Just toss the tent in the air and this will be pitched in 10 seconds.

Similarly, the foldability is also awesome. You can do it quickly within 30 seconds.

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Interested to know the pop-up shower tent folding process, the following video might help you a lot.

Safety Tips For Using Portable Camping Shower Tent

Here is a list of several important tips that you should consider for the safe use of portable shower tents.

  • Maintain a minimum distance between campsite and foldable shower tent. But don’t set it very far due to safety reasons.
  • Keep the privacy tents away from the fire pit as these tents are very much inflammable.
  • Don’t put the tent under any damaged tree branches. Otherwise, falling the tree branch may cause serious injuries.
  • Avoid smoking inside and around the shower tent.
  • Be careful of insects and wild beasts.
  • Don’t let kids go alone in the nighttime.

People Also Ask

Q: Is the camping toilet tent waterproof?

Answer: No, not all outdoor pop-up bathroom shower tents are waterproof. But the quality pop-up pod shower tents are rain and waterproof which raise their cost a little bit.

Q: How to maintain a foldable pop-up privacy tent?

Answer: It’s recommended to clean the accumulated dust and make it dry before folding or packing. If you don’t do that molds or bacteria will be developed and your tent loosens its lifespan. Also, routine-wise maintenance is necessary.

Q: Is portable privacy changing room tents come with carrying bags?

Answer: Yes, most of the top-quality popular pop-up shower tents include carrying bags with the packages.

Final Verdict

The best pop-up shower tent is a must-have item for privacy on camping trips. This won’t create heavy loads on your back, but gives great support in many ways when you are exploring outside.

And there is no hassle to deal with the easy-to-carry and foldable shower tent. So, grab any tent from the list to make a wonderful camping experience!

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