7 Best Outdoor Trampolines For Adults & Gymnasts: Spend Quality Time On Backyard Trampoline!

Backyard trampolines are not only endless fun for kids, but also give great exercise for adults and gymnasts, right? In fact, there is room for all that’s why outdoor trampolines have great appeal to fun-loving people even athletes. Amazing, yeah!

Trampolining is considered one of the best forms of physical exercise for the entire body of any age. It gives a healthy body, strong muscles, releasing some stress and tension, or having fun with the family. So, trampolines can truly be a great addition to your outdoor garden.

The larger outdoor trampolines that are suitable for adults and gymnasts have a sturdier build and are able to withstand heavier weights than children’s models. We have reviewed some of the best outdoor trampolines for adults, so that it’s easier for you to choose.

So brace yourselves and let us jump right into it!

Comparison Table Of The Best Large Outdoor Trampolines

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Reviews Of Best Outdoor Trampolines For Adults

#1 – Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk 15 Ft Adults Outdoor Trampoline With Basketball hoop

Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk 15 Ft Adults Outdoor Trampoline With Basketball hoop


  • Weight capacity: 200 pounds
  • Frame material: Alloy steel
  • Springs: 96, 6.5 inch
  • Net: Polyethelene
  • Number of legs: 6 W
  • Warranty: 3 years for frame & 1 year for other parts

Jump N’ Dunk Skywalker 15 ft Trampoline does live up to the brand’s promise of safe and high-quality products. Good to say, you can either use it for entertainment or athletic purposes. And it is an affordable outdoor trampoline to pick.

Truly, this is a good 15 ft outdoor trampoline for adults. Setting this top-quality garden trampoline in the backyard, you can pass quality time with family in the backyard. So, have a look at its important features.

First of all, its patented no-gap enclosure system saves you from falling through while jumping and also from pinches. Secondly, its tightly coiled, rustproof 96 springs hold the bouncing mat around the enclosure net.

Along with that weather and waterproof frame made of galvanized steel makes it very durable to withstand harsh weather in your backyard. Furthermore, its six W-shaped legs provide sufficient support for adults.

This outdoor recreational trampoline comes with a basketball hoop, so it’ll double the fun really. The double zipper enclosure and soft foam spring padding won’t let you get hurt while bouncing and practicing trampoline tricks.

You will be relaxed to know this Skywalker backyard trampoline is ASTM safety certified and it gives you a good warranty for all its parts. So, don’t miss out on this top-rated outdoor trampoline if you want unlimited fun with exercise.


  • Durable, rustproof and UV-resistant
  • No pinching hazards enhance safety
  • Comes with a basketball hoop
  • Good for recreation


  • The weight limit isn’t superb

#2 – Upper Bounce 10×17 Ft Outdoor Gymnastics Trampoline

Upper Bounce 10x17 Ft Outdoor Gymnastics Trampoline


  • Weight capacity: 500 pounds
  • Springs: 108, 7 inches
  • Frame material: Alloy steel
  • Net height: 71 inches
  • Number of legs: 5 U
  • Total poles: 10 curved

The 10×17 Ft Upper Bounce gymnastics rectangle trampoline is an ideal Olympic trampoline. It would give you a massive bounce in the backyard.

The heavy-gauged stainless steel frame is rust and corrosion-resistant. It lasts longer without any damage. So this durable outdoor trampoline is the right choice for year-round use in the backyard.

There are four U-shaped legs in four corners and one leg in middle to secure the base. This heavy-bouncy trampoline has 108 galvanized and each spring is 7 inches long. Other metal parts like enclosure poles and poles caps are also made from durable materials.

All these make this heavy-weight capacity trampoline. Polypropylene mat provides superb bouncing. It can support a maximum of 500 pounds weight, which is one of the highest limits in the market.

This trampoline ensures safety for the jumpers. The enclosure net and mat are stitched together to eliminate hands or legs stuck. It comes with a wide spring pad for keeping gymnasts protected.

The safety enclosure is tall enough for better safety. Besides, there are TopFlex rails and curved poles to improve the net stability. In the enclosure door, there is dual closure (zipper & buckles) for enhancing safety.

It is also approved by ASTM. So, this all-in-one featured trampoline is one of the best gymnast outdoor trampolines. Don’t miss it anyway!


  • Weight capacity is a boom
  • Durable construction
  • Eliminates pinching hazards
  • Good  backyard model for gymnasts
  • Maximum bounce and safety are ensured


  • Ladder not included

#3 – Zupapa 15 Ft Adults Backyard Trampoline With Enclosure Net

 Zupapa 15 Ft Adults Backyard Trampoline With Enclosure Net


  • Weight rating: 425 pounds
  • Material: Steel
  • Springs: 108, 7 inches
  • Frame material: Alloy steel

It is almost impossible to question the durability of this Trampoline From Zupapa provides for it has integrated the most upgraded technologies in its building.

If we begin with the materials, Zupapa uses Hot-Dip galvanizing technology for its frames and springs, which makes them highly resistant to rust, weather, and corrosion.

The padding in the springs and frame, the trampoline mat, and even the net enclosure has UV absorber on them, boosting longevity. Do you know, the poles are also padded for additional safety.

You will notice that the 6 W-shaped legs are tightly joined with double steel poles, which gives the trampoline greater stability. The gap between the mat and the spring padding is sewn well together that making Zupapa trampoline safer.

Besides, there are 7 inches, 108 springs that exceed more than other trampolines, to give a higher elasticity. So, this is one of the best trampolines for the garden.


  • Comes with a mat cover
  • Greater Jumping Area
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes 6 wind stakes to offer stability
  • Utmost Safety with anti-slip ladders and thicker padding


  • Assembling might come across as a bit tough
  • A little on the costlier side

#4 – JumpKing 10x 15 Ft Outdoor Rectangular Trampoline For Gymnasts

JumpKing 10x 15 Ft Outdoor Rectangular Trampoline For Gymnasts


  • Frame material: Alloy steel
  • Weight limit: 220 pounds
  • Trampoline height: 34 inch
  • Enclosure height: 74 inch
  • Springs: 108, 7 inches
  • Number of legs: 4 W

For gymnasts, JumpKing introduces the 10×15 ft top-quality backyard rectangle trampoline for outdoor use. If you want to jump higher evenly to the whole surface of the trampoline, this would be the unmatched option without any hesitation.

Let’s start with the spring quality of this large rectangle trampoline. It incorporates 7 inches long 108 spring for a softer and higher bounce. Springs are galvanized so they prevent rust and work well in any bad weather.

The frame of the JK1015RC3 JumpKing rectangle outdoor trampoline is also strong and rustproof. Galvanized stainless steel plays the role here. Four W-shaped strong legs in four corners give a durable base to this model. The weight capacity of this product is 220 pounds.

The enclosure net of the big outdoor gymnast trampoline is polypropylene made. Springs are outside the net to ensure extra safety. And there is an enclosed G3 FRP net-top for additional stability of the enclosure.

For your easy entry and exit, there is a unique L-shaped door. A safety pad covers the springs to prevent any spring impact. And it is ASTM  certified trampoline. So buy this gymnast backyard trampoline for fitness as well as fun.


  • Springs are outside the net
  • Spacious for tumbling
  • Top-rail on the net provides additional stability
  • ASTM safety certified


  • Need to buy a ladder separately
  • Weight limit isn’t outstanding

#5 – Merax 15 Ft Weatherproof Backyard Trampoline With Basketball Hoop


  • Weight limit: 375 pounds
  • Frame material: Alloy steel
  • Springs: 108
  • Total legs: 6 W

Another top-choice adult outdoor trampoline is the 15 Ft Merax Heavy-Duty Trampoline. This frame and springs use galvanized heavy gauged steel that provides the strength and longevity of the product. Thus the weight limit goes higher around 375 pounds.

There are 108 springs to make the trampoline bouncy. With a durable frame, six legs provide maximum stability of the base. For easy climbing in and out, the package includes a 4 step ladder.

The trampoline incorporates 6 feet high net enclosure to prevent falling in the ground. On top of that, the safety net is made from UV-proof materials, which prevents it from fading.

Merax 15 ft outdoor backyard trampoline comes with a basketball hoop to double your kids’ fun. By installing this trampoline, kids can enjoy jumping with basketball play so double their fun. So kids will be active for a long period.

This trampoline gives importance to safety. Gaps between the mat and frame are eliminated by almost zero, as it comes with a padded safety spring cover. Poles are padded well for adding safety. Having this, you will enjoy safe exercise and fun.


  • Basketball hoop for additional fun
  • Spring pad and pole pad add safety
  • Sturdy construction for longer use


  • The enclosure net should be improved

#6 – AMGYM 15 Ft Combo Durable Adults Garden Trampoline

AMGYM 15 Ft Combo Durable Adults Garden Trampoline


  • Weight capacity: 440 pounds
  • Springs: 108, 7 inch
  • Frame material: Alloy steel
  • Total legs: 6 U

Last but definitely not the least adults and gymnasts trampoline is 15 Ft AMGYM Outdoor Trampoline. Literally is a perfect combination of all the good features!

Starting from the net enclosure to the attached ladder to the 14mm thick EPE foam padding on the springs, this trampoline has really taken care of your safety!

Furthermore, its high-quality UV-resistant trampoline mat provides shock absorbency. The frames, once again are made from rust-resistant galvanized steel. The trampoline stands on 6 U-Shaped galvanized steel legs that provide better stability.

The best part of the AMGYM outdoor trampoline is that it has a weight limit of as high as 440 pounds. So heavy adults can do vigorous exercise there without any safety issues.

If you want a great product that not only serves the right purpose but also gives you more safety than you bargained for at an affordable price, this might be the one for you!


  • Spacious jump bed
  • Climbing ladder included
  • Comes with a basketball hoop for more fun
  • Approved by CE, TUV-GS, EN7, safety standards


  • Directions in the manuals are a little ambiguous

#7 – Galactic Xtreme Happy Trampoline 10×17 Ft Gymnast Large Outdoor Trampoline

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Buying Guide Of Best Backyard Trampolines For Adults & Gymnasts

When it comes to buying the best outdoor trampoline for adults, it can be quite a daunting task, provided it can get difficult to figure out which one is actually suitable for you!

However, there is no need to worry, here is a list of factors you might consider before getting a good backyard trampoline for an adult.

Size & Shape

Best Outdoor Trampolines For Adults & Gymnasts

The first thing you need to fix is the size of the trampoline according to your available backyard space and your purpose of bouncing. If you have plenty of areas, the large size will be a good option.

Also, consider the shape of the trampoline. Round trampolines are ideal for recreational uses whereas rectangular or other shapes are the right fit for acrobatic activities. And oval trampolines combine the best features from both.


The frame is the base of a trampoline consisting of the legs and the base rail of the trampoline therefore, the stability and sturdiness of the trampoline vastly depend on it.

Most frames are made up of heavy-duty steel, however, frames made of alloy/galvanized steels are often rust and water-resistant, and corrosion-free, making them a better option.

Also check if the frame is too light because in such cases, they might be easily moved by heavy wind and storms. So, outdoor trampolines should be quite heavy.


Springs not only provide safety, but also impact the elasticity of the trampoline, and thus impacts your bounce.

They are typically made of steel, but you might also find steel made of fiberglass or electric straps too. In the case of steel, once again make sure they are rust and weather resistant.

Remember – the longer and higher number the of springs, the better the bounce! Typically, spring length and number increase with trampoline size. Also, you can also find Springfree trampolines, which run on a flexible rod system.

Jump Mat

This is one of the most important parts of a trampoline. It is normally made from strong, water-resistant materials like woven polypropylene, polyethylene, or polyvinyl chloride. In order to protect them from damage, some trampolines have a UV protective coating on top.

The mat determines the size of the trampoline. They can come in sizes of 8 feet, 12 feet, 15 feet, etc. For adults perhaps, you would want to settle for the bigger trampolines. 

When buying a trampoline, make sure the quality of the mat is good and it is smooth. It is also a good idea to keep it covered using weather cover when not in use.

Weight Limit

Now, an extremely crucial factor to consider is the maximum weight a trampoline can withstand. Of course the higher, the better. Weight often differs with the trampoline shape, material, size, etc.

For instance, round trampolines can have an average weight limit of 200 to 350 pounds while rectangular/square trampolines can take weights ranging from 300 to 500 pounds.

Size is also an important determinant of the weight limit. Trampolines for children can take weights up to 100 pounds usually and the weight limit increases with size.

Typically, 12 feet trampolines can have a weight limit from 200 to 350 pounds and 15 feet trampolines can have a weight limit of up to 500 pounds.

Materials also influence weight limits. For example, if the springs are made of high-quality anti-rust material and are tightly coiled, they tend to provide a higher weight limit. The same is true for the mat material.


The padding in trampolines covers the strings and the frame and saves you from being injured. In some cases, the poles are also padded for greater safety. Make sure that the trampoline has thick and soft padding before you buy.

Nowadays some models use new technology where the mat is directly stitched with a springs pad, this is very helpful to eliminate pinch hazards.

Enclosure Net

When you bounce on the trampoline, there is a high chance of falling to the ground. So, experts recommend installing 360 degrees net to prevent jumpers from ground impacts. Higher the net, the better the safety.

In general, the mesh net is widely held. For entry and exit, there is a zipper door in the net. To stay upright the net, poles are used in the trampoline. Sometimes you may get an additional basketball hoop with the enclosure for more fun.

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Other Things To Check

We recommend checking all other accessories before you purchase a trampoline such as wind stakes, basketball hoop, ladder, weather cover, trampoline assembly, disassembly tools, etc. Also check the warranty, and trampoline’s safety standards (like ASTM, TUV).

It is also important to know whether the replacing parts of your trampoline are available or not. Also, check the instruction guidebook.

Outdoor Vs Indoor Trampolines

You may wonder, what are the differences between indoor and outdoor trampolines. Here we’ll break down some of the main points.


Most probably this is the main thing that makes them different from each other. The outdoor model is larger in size and perfect for outside use.

On the other hand, indoor models are comparatively small in size and made specifically for indoor use.


Outdoor size trampolines are designed for exercise and fun. The larger space will allow for practicing lots of trampoline tricks.

Kids’ indoor trampolines are used for improving children’s balance, coordination, and motor skills. And adults and seniors indoor mini-trampoline rebounders are ideal for fitness and low-impact exercise.

Durability & Structural Sturdiness

Typically, backyard outdoor trampolines are made from high-quality materials to hold lots of weight, thus they last longer. These outside trampolines are also rustproof and corrosion-resistant. And they can withstand more load than the inside models.

Some heavy-duty outdoor trampolines can support around 1000 pounds weight like Galactic Xtreme 10×17 ft model. These sturdy trampolines allow anyone to jump there.

But most indoor trampolines aren’t such sturdy as outside models. Thus, they can’t hold the hefty load like backyard trampolines. Still, some small models can support great weights around 500 pounds and even more.

Best Trampoline for garden – FAQs

Q: What size trampoline should I get?

Answer: Of course, the size should depend mostly on the space in your backyard, however, you might also consider the number of people who are going to be using it, and the weight limit, while deciding which size to pick.

Q: Is it difficult to set up a trampoline?

Answer: Not really, in fact, it is pretty easy with the detailed manuals and tools that come with most trampolines. You can easily do it all by yourself or with a little help.

Q: Can you put a tent on an outdoor garden trampoline?

Answer: Yes, you can do it. Tent on a trampoline is great fun that every family especially children loves.

Q: What is an ideal place for installing the trampoline?

Answer: It is generally recommended to place your trampoline on plain and soft ground with soft grass so that even if you fall out, it does not cause serious injuries.

You might also consider placing it in a shady place to avoid the UV rays, although some trampolines come with anti-UV coatings. That being said also do not place the trampoline directly under a tree or high wind area.

Q: Is trampoline exercise an efficient workout?

Answer: Yes, it is one of the important reasons behind the popularity of trampolines. Exercising at the same time on the trampolines, you will get more than double the benefits of jogging, running, cycling, and even swimming.

Q: Do I need to wind stakes?

Answer: Wind stakes help if you live in a windy area or an area frequently hit by storms. They secure the trampoline safely in the ground and help keep them in place.

Q: Is a safety net necessary?

Answer: Normally, safety nets are installed for small children who have a tendency of losing balance and falling out, and hurting themselves. However, if you are a skilled user, you might also consider getting a safety net.

Q: Do I need to care for my trampoline?

Answer: There is no doubt that regular cleaning and maintenance can expand the lifespan of your trampoline, especially during winter when you might have to brush off the snow or wipe the water off. Trampoline covers might come in handy in these cases.


Buying the best outdoor trampoline for adults is a big investment and it is therefore important to make a good purchase. The trampolines we reviewed are all safety certified and have great reputations for maximum fun and acrobatic purposes.

So, it’s time to set it up in your backyard and get entertained!

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