Bearpaw Vs Uggs Boots Comparison

Bearpaw and Ugg are two well-known footwear brands, especially they are skyrocketing for their cold-weather boots. Both brands have comfortable and warm boots. If you want to choose any good pair of boots between them, you should know the ins and outs of their similar and dissimilar features.

So, what are the differences between Bearpaw boots vs Uggs? Bearpaws are cheaper than the Ugg boots, whereas Uggs are more durable than the Bearpaw boots. And there are many other differences between them that you should consider as a brand-conscious buyer.

Thus, I’m going to share the ins and outs of Ugg vs Bearpaw. Read the full article to understand the topic well.

Basics Of Bearpaw & Ugg Boots

What Is Bearpaw?

Bearpaw boots

Bearpaw is an American footwear brand widely recognized for its affordability. Tom Romeo, a young man founded Bearpaw in 2001. The main purpose of this company is to make stylish and comfortable sheepskin boots.

Besides manufacturing comfortable boots Bearpaw also produces shoes, slippers for people of any age for versatile uses. Both inside and outside of these boots are made of soft materials.

Brief History Of Bearpaw Shoes

After the invention of Bearpaw in 2001 by Tom Romeo, there had been lots of evolution that makes the upgraded Bearpaws more comfortable and acceptable. In the beginning, they launched 5 different models that gained customers’ recognition and trust within a short time.

In 2003, they stood out strongly and extended their production. Now Bearpaw manufactures lots of models and variations of footwear for all classes of people. And Bearpaw is still a very popular boot brand.

How Are Bearpaws Made Of?

Bearpaw boots have sheepskin lining inside while outside use suede cow leather and soles are rubber made. In winter Bearpaws are a great choice for comfort and warmth. They last around 1.5 to 2.5 hours if you use them on a regular basis.

Bearpaws have visible stitching thus you can wear them without socks. These boots come in numerous colors like black, white, pink, blue, green, tan, brown, etc.

If you need the best Bearpaw boot suggestion, you can consider the below.

Editor’s Choice: Bearpaw Women’s Emma Short Height Snow Boot

During winter, Emma Short Bearpaw Snow Boot will give you plenty of comfort and warmth. Soft suede upper provides a natural look, whereas cozy lining provides maximum cushioning and rubber sole gives anti-slip walking.

The mid-calf women’s boots are well paired with a casual skirt, country dress, and denim. This pair of boots is an ideal design for kicking around town.

The manufacturer claims you can wear these rugged boots throughout the year. And you can choose the right size and color amongst various options.

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What Is Ugg?

Ugg Boots

Ugg is a US brand that produces many things like footwear, outerwear, bags, etc. They launched their journey in 1978. The sheepskin boots are their best seller item that is unparalleled for coziness and softness. Ugg boots are actually a unisex style.

Brief History Of Ugg Boots

After the invention of Ugg boots in 1978 their popularity upraised in the early 2000s when Oprah Winfrey feature that on “Oprah’s Favorite Things” show. Where she gifted more than 300 pairs of Ugg boots to her staff and audience that was a great promotion for Uggs.

Ugg collaborated with many prominent celebrities and brands like Tom Brady (celebrity), Jimmy Choo (brand) to expand their business. Many superstars wear Uggs thus this became very popular and their revenue increased a lot.

Let’s know the origin of Ugg!

The name Ugg derives from New Zealand and Australia. In these countries, uggs are sheepskin unisex boots having synthetic soles and lined with fleece.

There are many proofs that say Australian surfers put on the original Ugg boots first in the 1960s. So, today’s Ugg was formerly known as Ugg Australia.

After that, they were brought overseas by surfers and gained popularity in US and UK, especially among the surf communities of California.

Now, they aren’t confined to a boot brand only, they became a specific type of comfy boots. And Bearpaw is a brand that also produces Ugg boots now.

At present, they are a trademark brand throughout the world apart from Australia and New Zealand. They are registered in more than 130 countries including the EU, US, UK, Canada, and China.

How Are Uggs Made Of?

Ugg boots are designed from high-quality materials for maximum comfort and flexibility. Their shoes and boots are made from leather and Twinface sheepskin. They use lined wool fur that makes the inside warm and insulation. Also, the rubber role gives cushioned touch to the feet.

The materials that are used in Ugg are derived from reputable sources to make the boots better than you can think. They last around 2 years. Currently, there are no vegan options in Uggs.

Have you wondered what is the best Ugg boots? Well, here is a good recommendation for you.

Editor’s Choice: UGG Women’s Classic Mini II Winter Boot

UGG Classic Mini II is a wonderful women’s shoe arsenal. It is designed durably and comfortably for comfort and warmth in winter. The mid-calf boot provides elegant fashion.

The upper part of the boot is made from twinface sheepskin with water repellent treatment. Interior has a 17 mm sheepskin lining that provides cushioning sockliner.

Boot opening is 14 inches around that making it easier to put on and off the boot. So, this Ugg boot will be great to have for comfortable wear.

Similarities Between Ugg Brand Vs Bearpaw Brand Boots


Both Ugg and Bearpaw boots use sheepskin in general. However, they might use some additional materials in their different models and styles of boots.

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Each boot brand of Ugg and Bearpaw is designed for comfortable wearing. Both boots have soft wool or fleece lining that provides maximum comfort and coziness. In this case, each brand is almost similar. But some users claim Uggs are very soft than the Bearpaw models.

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If we say about warmness, both boots are very warm. And in this feature, they are almost tied. It’s worth mentioning that, you can wear them without socks. Still, you can wear socks for further insulation.


Both brands of boots are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and any ages people. Bearpaw and Ugg manufacture boots for children, men, and women. You won’t be disappointed to find your one here.

Head To Head Differences Between Bearpaw & Ugg Boots

Have you wondered what are the differences between Ugg boots vs Bearpaw? Several most important differences are found between them such as-

  • Durability
  • Styles
  • Price
  • Materials 

Here we’ll discuss the details on how they differ from each other.


Cost is a major thing that differentiates Ugg from Bearpaw. In general, Bearpaw is affordable than the Ugg boots. But the premium boots price for each brand is almost the same.

The average price of Uggs is $70 to $200 whereas Bearpaw boots are available between $60 to $180. This happens due to higher-quality materials in Ugg boots.

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Considering sturdiness, Uggs is superior to Bearpaw. Both boots use sheepskin that is durable enough. But Uggs got the medal due to premium quality Twinface sheepskin.

But some users say Bearpaws can hold a better upright shape while Uggs are prone to slouch. In general, Bearpaw boots last around 1.5 to 2.5 years while Uggs last almost 2 to 2.5 years.

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Options & Variety

Bearpaw uses suede cow leather outside with sheepskin lining. Usually, traditional style pull-on Bearpaws are available in black, pink, white, blue, green, dark brown, tan, and beige.

Bearpaw also manufactures slippers, sandals, high heels, moccasins, and modern style boots like rider and motorcycle boots. They also produce T-shirts, socks, scarves, etc.

On the other hand, traditional Uggs use twin-faced sheepskin (a single large piece of sheepskin rather than two pieces attached together). They are also made from kangaroo fur and other common leather. Tan is the most common classic color in Uggs but pull-ons have a wide variety in colors.

Besides slip-on shoes, Uggs introduces high heel boots, slippers, and modern styles boots like moccasins, rider and motorcycle and boots, Oxfords even snow boots. In addition to boots, they also have purses, jackets, scarves, clothing, vests, and loungewear.

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Bearpaw Boots Vs. Uggs

Stitching Quality

Uggs have smooth stitching in the whole boots. Many buyers love Uggs for their seamless appearance. That provides comfortably worn as well as good appearance.

On the other hand, Bearpaws boot comes with visible and tight stitching. Thus they are durable and can hold the shape for a longer period.


Both types of boots are designed mainly for cold-weather. But Uggs are cult boots that mean you can use them year-round. Each traditional pull-on style Bearpaw and Ugg allow wearing without socks.

You can wear both boots brands with jeans even with corduroy pants either with the boot cut style to fit over the boot or tucked in style. These brands allow to wear them with tights and leggings.

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In terms of weight, Uggs are lighter weight compared to the Bearpaw brand boots. Although their weight differences are not very huge still small amount of weight plays a significant role when you are concerned about boot weight.

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Water Resistance

Most Bearpaw boots use Never-Wet technology that makes them waterproof. So, wearing Bearpaw, you don’t be worried about getting wet if you walk on water or liquid.

Alternately, a few of the Ugg brands’ boots are also water-resistant, but resistant, but they tend to stain, liquid, or mud boots they tend to stain liquid or mud in boots.

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Promotion Campaigns

Undoubtedly, Uggs get more promotion from celebrities and influential people than the Bearpaw boots. Some celebrities behind Ugg boots publicity are Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo Gigi Hadid, Dicaprio, and many more.

Bearpaw Boots Versus Ugg Boots – Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons Of Bearpaw Boots

Pros Of Bearpaw:

  • Affordable models
  • Waterproof boots
  • Provide great warmth and comfort

Cons Of Bearpaw:

  • Not very sturdy as Ugg boots

Pros & Cons Of Ugg Boots

Pros Of Uggs:

  • Durable boots
  • Smooth stitches
  • Allow wearing with casual outfits

Cons Of Ugg:

  • No vegan option for Uggs

Bearpaw Boots Vs Ugg Boots Comparison Table

Comparison TopicBearpaw BootsUgg Boots
Originated InAmericaAustralia and New Zealand
MaterialsSheepskin lining, rubber sole, Suede cow leather outerDouble-face sheepskin, rubberized foam sole, Kangaroo fur, other leather
PriceAffordableExpensive than Bearpaw
StitchVisible stitchingSmooth stitching
SoleRubberRubberized foam
FeelLess soft than UggsVery soft
WeightQuite heavyLighter than Bearpaw
DurabilityLess durable than UggsLast longer
SocksNot necessaryNot necessary
Vegan BootsYesNo
StylesTraditional slip-on, high heels, slippers, modern styles like sandals, motorcycle, moccasins, riderTraditional slip-on, high heels, slippers, modern styles like rider, moccasins, oxfords, motorcycle, snow boots
Retail StoresThe Summit (flagship store), Marshalls, Famous Footwear, Macy’s, TJ MaxxUgg Australia (product store), Dick’s Sporting Goods Nordstrom, REI, Journeys
ColorsWhite, black, dark brown, tan, beige, pink, green, blueTan is classic, Outers are available in a variety of colors
AvailabilityCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

If you are a visual learner, the following Bearpaw and Ugg comparison video will help you to understand the topic clearly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Bearpaw and Uggs the same company?

Answer: No, they don’t come from the same company. Bearpaw and Ugg boots are manufactured in different companies. But, there is a twist. Bearpaw makes budget-friendly Ugg-style boots in addition to their other Bearpaw boots.

Q: Can I wear Bearpaw and Ugg boots with socks?

Answer: Both boots are soft and comfortable and allow to wear without socks. Although they provide better insulation still you can wear socks for further insulation.

Q: Do Bearpaw boots run small or true to size?

Answer: Bearpaw shoes run quite small as there is a wool lining inside. So, for the first few wears, they fell snug, but the wool lining will disappear after a few wears and provide comfortable wear.

Thus, the manufacturer recommends purchasing 1/2 size larger for 7 1/2  that is 8, but if you wear 7 sizes, still you can purchase 7.

Q: What’s better Timberland boots vs Uggs?

Answer: Timberland manufactures boots for year-round use from hiking boots to rain and winter boots. On the other hand, Uggs are well-known for comfortable winter boots.

So, Timberland is the right option for durable and stylish boots for any season, whereas Ugg is perfect for comfortability and warmth.

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Q: Are Bearpaw boots good for snow?

Answer: Yes, Bearpaw boots are great for snow. Bearpaw brands boots are comfortable to wear during the fall and winter seasons. They protect feet against snow and keep feet dry and warm.

Q: What is the main difference between Uggs vs Sorel, Emu, and Minnetonka boots?

Answer: Sorel is cheaper, durable, and waterproof than Uggs. Emus are cheaper and sturdier and more versatile than Ugg boots. Minnetonka boots perform better for ice or snow but are less fashionable compared to Uggs.

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Final thoughts

From the above comparative analysis between Bearpaw boots vs Uggs, it’s clear to us that no one among them is not superior to the other in all fields. Both of the boot brands have some strengths as well as weaknesses.

Bearpaw boots are a budget-friendly choice whereas Uggs provide better durability. But both of these cold-weather boots are good for comfort and warmth. So, you can choose any boot between them.

Still, if you have a fascination with any/some features check them on the comparison table and get your most suitable one. Hopefully, you can now confidently choose between Ugg and Bearpaw.

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