Blundstone 500 Vs 550 Boots Comparison: Blundstone Original Vs Classic Explained!

Blundstone 500 and 550 are two popular boots Series of Blundstone Aussie boots. Blundstone 500 is the Original Series boots, whereas Blundstone 550 boots represent the Classic Series. These elegant boots are used everywhere from hiking to industry to the countryside, even on formal occasions.

Do you know the difference between Blundstone 550 vs 500 boots? Blundstone 500 boots (Original) are cheaper than the Blundstone 550 Classic, whereas Blundstone 550 is lightweight, better shock resistant, and has a superior water repellent coating. But there are several other differences that you should consider to choose the right one between them.

In this article, we’ll break down the difference between Blundstone 500 and 550 boots that’s Blundstone Original vs classic Series. Let’s get started!

What Is Blundstone 500?

Blundstone 500

Blundstone 500 is the Original series boot that makes Blundstone an icon. The 500 Series boots were designed in 1969. This elastic-sided Chelsea boot is very popular and almost 25 million pairs are sold since its invention.

The humble Blunnies 500 boots are made from premium leather. Original Blundstone 500 boots are durable and comfortable that is ideal for formal and informal wear. There is cotton or Cambrelle lining inside to make them breathable and comfortable.

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Important Features Of Blundstone 500 Boots

  • Stout brown premium leather- Breathable and comfortable leather
  • Brown elastic side
  • Weather ready – Water-resistant leather and build for adventures
  • Outstanding shock absorption – Absorbs almost 90% walk impact
  • Durable TPU outsole – Better traction to keep feet steady all day long
  • Iconic pull tabs – Eases pulling on and off the boots
  • Cushioned midsole for comfort
  • Build to last – Durable 2.5 mm leather, double stitching, and strong outsole
  • Removable footbed
  • SPS Max Comfort system – Ergonomic design reduces fatigue while increasing comfort
  • Lightweight and comfortable

How To Style With Blundstone 500?

Blundstone 500 Original Series boots are universal boots that are made to combat dusty terrains to concrete jungles. Their premium leather constructed boots fit almost everywhere in every dress you want to wear.

The seamless finish boots look great. You can style this boot with jeans and work shorts as well as pants and skirts. People who need to wear boots day long like farmers, construction workers, and even outdoorsmen will find this model handy.

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Editor’s Choice: Best Blundstone 500 Boots

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What Is Blundstone 550?

Blundstone 550

Blundstone 550 boot is the upgraded version of Blunnies 500, so they are brother boots. The boots use superior leather and provide better comfort and shock absorption than the previous model. Classic Blundstone 550 Series boot has a WeatherSealed coating that makes them water-resistant.

The outsoles of the boots have steel shanks that stable your feet in the ground. Another important excellence of these Blunnies Classic Series boots is the better midsole with the Poron XRD layer that provides cushioning and absorbs shock.

Important Features Of Blundstone 550 Boots

  • Walnut brown premium water-resistant leather
  • Brown elastic side
  • Durable TPU outsole – 10 mm outsole
  • Leather lined
  • Cushioned midsole for comfort
  • Removable footbed for a custom fit
  • SPS Max Comfort system – Poron XRD cushioning  in the heel strike zone for better shock absorption and comfort
  • Lightweight and comfortable

How To Style With Blundstone 550?

Blundstone 550 boots blend a rugged and decent look. They have a utilitarian vibe but are quite fashionable. If you wear this pair while walking, running, working, or hiking, you will love these undoubtedly.

You can also wear them as a formal outfit like a suit. Blundstone Super 550 Series boots come in different shades of brown. But some are available in black, blue, grey, and even green. So, you can pick your favorite color from there.

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Difference Between Blundstone 550 & 500 Boots

Blundstone 550 Vs 500


Blundstone is an Australian footwear company. But, different models of their boots are made in several locations. Most of the Original Blundstone 500 boots are manufactured in Thailand. On the other hand, the majority of the Classic 550 Blundstone boots are crafted in Vietnam.

Interior Space

In terms of inner space, Blundstone Super 550 boots have more room than the Original 500 Blunnies. So, who have wide feet and need a roomy instep, 550s Blundstone will be a better choice.

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Heel Stitch

This is a major visible distinction between Blundstone Original 500 and Classic 550. Blundstone 500 boots have single stitching in the heel portion. On the other hand, 550 Series boots come with double stitching hence sturdier heels.

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The sole quality is a major difference between Blundstone 550 versus 500. Both boots models feature a thinner insole (almost ¼ inch) than other available boots. But the Original 550’s insole is quite better compared to the 500s boots as it has an extra heel cap.

Each outsole of the boots is constructed from the same material, but 550 Blundstone wins here too. Blundstone 500 Chelsea boots use a 5 mm TPU outsole while 550s have a 10 mm TPU rubber outsole. Thus, 550 boots will last almost double of the 500 models boots.

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Arch Stitch

This is another clear distinction between Blundstone 500 and 550.  Blundstone 500 Original has no arch stitch. But, 550 Series boots have a stitch in the arch that makes Blundstone 550 Chelsea boots better than 500 models.

Interior Lining

Blundstone 550 Chelsea boot has a Tan leather interior lining that provides great support on hot days. But, 500 Series Blundstone boots have a black lining that ensures perfect fitting to your feet.

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Blundstone 500 Series boots are comparatively more affordable than the 550 Classic boots. The average price of Blundstone 500 Original boots is $199.95. On the other hand, Blundstone 550 Series boots price is almost $209.95 according to Blundstone’s official website.

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For visual learners, the following video will help to understand Blundstone Original 500 vs Super 550.

Blundstone 550 Vs 500 Series – Comparison Chart

Here is a quick comparison between Blundstone 500 and 550 boots.
Comparison TopicBlundstone 500Blundstone 550
LeatherStout brown leatherWalnut brown leather
Outsole5 mm TPU10 mm TPU
FittingSnug fitRoomy interior
Heel StitchSingleDouble
Arch StitchNoYes
Interior LiningBlack leather with cotton or CambrelleTan leather
Water ResistanceA little bit of water-resistantBetter than 500s
PriceCheaper compared to 550sAlmost $10 more than 500s
See moreCheck Price of Blundstone 500Check Price of Blundstone 550

Several Other Comparisons Among Blundstone Models

Blundstone 500 vs 510

Actually, there isn’t much difference between Blundstobe 510 vs 500. However, there are some considerations that you should keep in mind. Blundstone 510s are the Original Black boots that are exactly the same as Blunnies 500.

Both Blundstone 500 and 510 models aren’t waterproof, but they are weatherproof. But they don’t work to keep out the moisture for a long period. Blundstone 510 and 500 boots are available between $130 to $300.

Blundstone 500 vs 585

Blundstone 500 and 585 are crafted of single-piece premium leather that makes them water-resistant. Blunstone 585 has fully-lined leather that provides extra comfort whereas Blunnies 500 has no such lining.

Blundstone 500 is an Original Series boot and Blundstone 585 is a Classic Series boot. 585 boots feature a double line of stitching at the arch that extends their strength, but 500 boots have a single lining. Another key difference is Blundstone 585 boots have thicker footbeds compared to the 500.

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Blundstone 550 vs 585

Both Blundstone 550 and 585 look the same and their fitting is also almost the same. The main difference happens in the material in the upper.

Blunnies 550 is constructed from full-grain leather, whereas 585 boots use Nubuck. Blundstone 585 is also a good choice for snow, whereas 550 is not.

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Blundstone 558 vs 510

Blundstone 558 is superior to the Blunnies 510 in terms of comfort. 558 has a thicker thread and double stitching compared to the 510. The sole of Blunnies 558 is also better than the 510. But 510 boots are the best choice for warm weather as there isn’t any extra lining.

Blundstone Original Vs Classic – People Also Ask

Q: Blundstone Classic vs Original what are their main differences?

Answer: Blundstone Classic Series features a wider fit than the Original Series. Classic boots have a leather lining that ensures better warmth. Original Series boots provide sung fit due to Cotton or Cambrelle lining.

Q: Are Blundstone Original 500s and Super 550s waterproof?

Answer: No, neither Blundstone Original 500 nor Classic 550 are fully waterproof. But they are water-resistant. They will be quite fine if you wear them on drizzle or shallow puddles.

Q: What are the different models of the Blundstone Original and Classic series?

Answer: Some models of Blundstone Original Series are 500, 510, 519, 2100, 2102, 2105, etc. And Blundstone Classic Series includes 550, 558, 562, 585, 587, 1316, 1440, and many more.

Wrap Up

So, we’ve reached the end of today’s Blundstone 550 vs 500 boots comparison. From the above discussion, it might be clear to you that Blundstone 550 boots are superior to the Blundstone 500s in many ways. But, Blundstone 500 holds its popularity due to its low cost and versatility.

If you need better comfort, durability, and water-resistant boots, 550s should be your first choice. But if you want to save $10, then go for the iconic 500 boots. So, whatever you choose between Blundstone Classic vs Original, you’ll be a winner!

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