Blundstone Vs Dr. Martens Chelsea Boots: Which Chelsea Boots Brand Is Better?

When talking about Chelsea boots, the iconic rock and roll Dr. Martens and Blundstone brands come to our mind first, right? Both brands provide quality Chelsea boots that are widely used for different purposes, especially the work boots.

But, which is better between Blundstone vs Dr. Martens Chelsea boots? Dr. Martens Chelsea boots are more comfortable, stylish, inexpensive, and provide better insulation, whereas Blundstones Chelsea boots are versatile to use outdoors, workshops even on festivals. But there are several other dissimilarities that you should know in-detail to have clear distinctions between them.

In this article, I’ll break down each of their comparative features of Blundstones and Doc Martens Chelsea boots so you can decide easily which Chelsea boots will suit you best. Let’s know about these boots brands with differences.  

What Is Chelsea Boot?

Chelsea boots are ankle-high, trendy elastic side panel boots. Some boots have a zipper instead of an elastic panel. The boots date back to the Victorian era (chic mid-century) and originated in Chelsea, England.

Usually, they have a tab or loop on the back of the shoes for enabling them to pull on the boots. These iconic boots are mainly used as Beatle boots and Work boots both for men and women.

Chelsea boots are super practical with their cushioned footbeds and often weather-resistant features. They fit well to any dress from wide-leg corduroys to camel-hued trench coats and fall-friendly clothes.

Some of the best Chelsea boots brands are Grenson, Blundstone, Dr. Martens, Ugg, Redback, Amberjack, Red Wing, New Republic, Saint Laurent, Clarks, Marks & Spencer, Timberland, Frye, etc.

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In this article, we’ll let you know the differences between Blundstone and Doc Martens Chelsea boots. Before we hop on, let’s have a look at the basics of the Chelsea boots of Dr. Martens and Blundstone brands.

What  Is Blundstone Chelsea Boot?

Best Blundstone Chelsea Boots

Blundstone is one of the best Chelsea boots brands in the world. Their boots are superb for countryside workers, factory workers, festival-goers, and even athletes.

A Short History Of The Blundstone Brand

Blundstone is an Australian boots brand and its history spans more than 150 years. The company was founded by John Blundstone and Sons in 1870 in Hobart, Tasmania.

Then it spread worldwide and now gain great popularity. The company mainly manufactures Chelsea boots.

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Where Are Blundstone Boots Made?

Different Blundstone boots are made in different places in the world. Leather Blundstone is manufactured in Mexico, Vietnam, China, and India. The gumboots are crafted in Hobart, Australia.

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Materials & Constructions

Blundstone boots use high-quality leather that is sourced from famous tanneries. They provide a professional look and style. The Chelsea boots by Blundstones have superb cushioning and padding towards the heel to prevent rubbing and blisters.

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Editor’s Choice: Best Blundstone Chelsea Boots

If you are looking for the best model Blundstone Chelsea boots, you can choose the Blundstone 510 Unisex Chelsea Boots. So, both men and women will find it handy, just get the right size.

This pair of Chelsea boots feature elastic sides and double pull tabs on the front and back. It uses 2.5 mm premium leather that makes this water-resistant. For work boots and casual use, this pair will be an ideal choice.

The outsole has thermoplastic polyurethane that provides superb traction and protection. Also, the polyurethane midsole ensures great comfort. So, don’t miss the popular Blundstone Chelsea boots.

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What Is Dr. Martens Chelsea Boot?

Best Dr. Martens Chelsea Boots

Dr. Martens is another recognized footwear company, especially their Chelsea boots are outstanding. It is also usually known as Docs, Doc Martens, or DMs.

A Short History Of The Dr. Martens Brand

Doc Martens is a British footwear brand founded by 25-years old Klaus Martens. He was a doctor during World War II to the Nazi army of Germany. In 1945 he injured his ankle and found that the army boots are uncomfortable for the injured foot.

So, he decided to improve the boots’ soles using soft leather and air-padded tyres. Then he designed comfortable air-cushioned soles boots. He started to craft and sell the boots in 1947. Afterward, the boots reached an adoring overseas market.

Where Are Doc Martens Martens Boots Made?

Some of the Dr. Martens boots are manufactured in Northamptonshire, England. But the majority of boots with the same quality are produced in Asia. For example, 1460 Docs are made in Vietnam.

Materials & Constructions

Dr. Martens Chelsea boots mainly use genuine leather, but some models have canvas and other materials too. AirWair Technology adds air bubbles to the soles resulting in great durability, comfort, and bounce.

Air-cushioned soles might not very comfortable, but some boots are slip-resistant. Another distinctive feature is the iconic yellow stitching that gives elegant looks to these DMs boots.

Editor’s Choice: Best Dr. Martens Chelsea Boots

Dr. Martens 2976 Chelsea Boot is our recommended DMs Chelsea boots. The yellow welt stitching will attract others’ attention soon. It uses full-grain leather that makes the boots smooth, spill-proof, and water-resistant. Moreover, there is a dual-tone effect that helps to shine the boots.

The Docs Chelsea boots have an iconic air-cushioned sole that ensures maximum comfort to the users. AirWair sole makes the shoes heat-resistant and durable. The outsole is slip-resistant so you can use the boots in any situation.

Pull tabs enhance quick pull on and off the boots. The high shaft provides great support to the ankle. So, wear the ergonomic design and comfortable Chelsea boots and have fun.

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Differences Between Dr. Martens Vs Blundstone Chelsea Boots

After knowing the basics of each brand, let’s break down the key difference between Blundstone and Doc Martens Chelsea boots.

Blundstone Vs Dr. Martens Chelsea Boots


The narrow upper of Doctor Martens Chelsea boot supports well the instep without hurting the feet. Also, the oil-slicked cowhide leather upper part of the boots fit the feet without capturing a large surface area but they need to size up. Good traction makes this slip-resistant and ideal to use outdoors and on slick floors like shopping malls.

Blundstone boots have lightweight materials that provide the feeling that you aren’t wearing anything. It might bother you sometimes that forcing you to see down to check if the boots are stuck or not. Sometimes the collar might poke the lower skin.

But the flexible and supportive leather with gimmicky furs provides great comfort. If you need further comfort in Blundstone, you have to wear double-layer socks. If you compare Dr. Martens and Blundstone Chelsea boots’ comfort level Docs will be the winner.

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Insulation is an important consideration for boots, especially when buying Chelsea boots for winter. Both Blundstones and Docs Chelsea boots are good to wear and walk in winter. However, these brands can’t compete with winter-centric boots like Sorel, or Columbia.

Blundstones feel roomy interior whereas Doc Martens tightly envelop to feet. Also, Blundstone uses thinner leather that is almost fur-less opposed to Dr. Martens. So, some people might prefer Docs for extremely cold days over Blundstones.

But the leather of the Docs boots is more porous compared to Blundstones thus you might feel little discomfort to wearing Doc Martens Chelsea boots in snowfall. They provide better insulation and keep feet dry to any weather.

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At the first look, it’s difficult to say which Chelsea boots brand is more stylish as both Blundstone and Dr. Martens Chelsea footwear appear elegant. Each one allows you to style with your own.

Dr. Martens boots are more rocker and daring, especially for city life. On the other hand, Blundstone boots come with classic style for countryside use.

The double pull tab on the front and back of the Blundstone boots might be quite annoying to somebody. It limits the boots to wear with some specific dresses like straight-leg pants that flare out.

But, Doc Martens Chelsea boots are nicely fit with any dress and season. Each Chelsea brand provides lots of color variations, but the black color is very appealing.

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Both brands of Chelsea boots pair of Blundstone and Doc Martens are pretty good value as they last longer. Although Blundstone boots are quite expensive, still, they are more versatile than Docs boots.

DMs Chelsea boots provide great protection in winter, while Blundstone is an ideal choice from winter hikes to spring picnics to summer festivals. So, Blundtones Chelsea boots win over Docs here.

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The average price of Blundstone boots starts at around $150 and might go up at $250 depending upon shoe material, design, type, etc. You will find most Blundstone Chelsea shoes in this range such as iconic Active boots, Thermal boots, 500 Chelsea boots, and Work & Safety boots.

On the other hand, Dr. Martens’s Chelsea boots price vary between $80 to $200. Both men’s and women’s Doctor Martens boots are available in this range. So, Docs Chelsea boots are more affordable than the Blundstone boots. But, both Chelsea boots brands are worth the price.

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Here is a review of Blundstone Chelsea boots for video learners-

Blundstone Vs Dr. Martens Chelsea Boots - Comparison Table

Here is a quick comparison between Doc Martens and Blundstone Chelsea boots.
Comparison TopicDoc Martens BootsBlundstone Boots
Originated FromUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom
Founded In19471870
Founded ByDr. Märtens John Blundstone and Sons
MaterialLeatherLeather but some have canvas and other materials
ComfortSuperior to BlundstoneComfortable
StyleRocker and daringClassic
Ideal ForCity lifeCountryside
Price$80 to $200$150 to $250
See MoreCheck Dr. Martens Boots PriceCheck Blundstone Boots Price

Doc Martens Vs Blundstone Boots – FAQs

Q: Are Blundstones true to size and how do they fit?

Answer: Most Blundstone boots are true to size, but some models might run big or small. To get the exact answer, you have to specify the boots model. Some users recommend picking half or one-size smaller for US sizing.

A number of users complain that the Australian half size has only additional width, not the length. While choosing your Blundstone Chelsea boots pay attention to US, UK, AU, and EU sizing.

Keep in mind, being leather boots, Blundstones fit snugly from the beginning but they might stretch a little around the ankle after several wears.

Q: Are Dr. Martens boots run big?

Answer: There is mixed opinion on this topic. In general, Dr. Martens Chelsea shoes are true to size, but several models might be big of the size. It’s recommended to wear thick socks in Autumn and winter with Docs.

The following video explains the basics and review of Doc Martens Chelsea boots.

Wrap Up

In the article, we’ve covered all important dissimilarities between Blundstone vs  Dr. Martens Chelsea boots comparison and review. Hopefully, these considerations will help you to buy the best Chelsea boots between them.

Blundstones have better comfort, warmth, cheaper, whereas Doc Martens are superior for Countyside use, ideal choice for winter. So, the final decision is up to you to pick the most-suitable Chelsea boots from Doc Martens and Blundstones brand. Hopefully, you will find the best one in the above-recommended boots list!

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