Best 15 Ft Trampoline With Enclosure Net: 15 Ft Safe & Budget Choice Trampolines!

Is a 15 ft trampoline big enough and good for family fun? Yes, 15 ft trampoline is spacious and the right choice for the whole family. The 15 ft size trampoline is actually an ideal one for backyard jumping and practicing trampoline tricks.

15 feet trampoline is larger enough than 12 and 14 ft. The bigger jumping area will give you the extra facility to jump comfortably. The price of a 15 ft trampoline is not too high, once you buy this for the family, kids can use it for years after years as they are growing up.

The best 15 ft trampolines might come with numerous accessories like an enclosure net, ladder, winds stake, and you name it. Also, the replacement parts are available so you can easily replace them when necessary.

If you want to ensure safe jumping for your family, a trampoline with an enclosure net is a must. So, here we’ve compiled several of the best 15 ft trampolines with enclosure nets that will ensure great quality, safety, bounce, and fun. Here we go!

Top Pick 15 Foot Trampoline For Quick Decision

The Best 15 Ft Trampoline Reviews

#1 – Zupapa 15 Ft Round Trampoline With Safety Net

Zupapa 15 Ft Round Trampoline With Safety Net


  • Weight capacity: 425 pounds
  • Springs: 108, 7 inches
  • Wind stakes: 6
  • Net height: 6 ft
  • Number of legs: 6 W
  • Color options: Blue, blue+green, purple

Starting off the best price 15 ft trampoline review with the top-quality 15 Ft Zupapa Trampoline. It is an upgraded model that incorporates all the best features for tumblers.

The trampoline is constructed from a hot-dip galvanization process that makes it sturdier than other trampolines. Six W-shaped legs keep the base stable during jumping. Poles touch the ground that doubles the base firmness.

There are 108 springs and each one is 7 inches long hence higher bounce than the competitors. Anti-UV professional-grade polypropylene mat also provides great bouncing. The trampoline can withstand 425 pounds weight, that’s impressive.

Zupapa 15 ft meets the safety standards like ASTM and TUV like other Zupapa models. The polyethylene net is 6 ft high for safety. Spring cover protects jumpers from spring and frame impact. For further safety mat and the safety pad is sewn directly to eliminate pinching hazards.

With the trampoline, you will also get a climbing ladder, 6 durable winds stakes, and a rain cover. It also provides a handsome warranty like 10 years for the frame, and 2 years warranty for other vital parts. This will be the best 15 ft backyard trampoline for your family.


  • More springs than competitors for high bounce
  • Mat and spring pad are sewn for safety
  • Next-generation durability and support high weight
  • Includes 6 wind stakes, ladder, and rain cover
  • ASTM and TUV safety certified


  • Legs and poles assembly is tricky

#2 – Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk 15 Ft Trampoline With Net & Basketball Hoop

Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk 15 Ft Trampoline With Net & Basketball Hoop


  • Weight capacity: 200 pounds
  • Springs: 96, 6.5 inch
  • Number of legs: 6 W
  • Color option: Blue, camo

For budget-conscious people, we bring the Skywalker 15 ft Round Trampoline. Like other Skywalker models, this one is also a safe and high-quality trampoline.

The galvanized and weather-resistant steel frame and legs provide great durability to the structure. There are rustproof 96 springs for a high bounce. The overall weight capacity of the trampoline is 200 pounds, but it can hold more than that.

A patented no-gap enclosure eliminates risky gaps between mat and enclosure net as they are attached together. This also protects jumpers from pinching hazards and falling on the earth. Besides this, the springs are outside the net and there is a safety pad to cover the springs.

A double zipper enclosure and soft foam spring padding won’t let you get hurt while bouncing and practicing trampoline tricks. The trampoline incorporates a removable basketball hoop to keep kids active for a longer period and gives lots of fun.

The trampoline is ASTM certified and gives you a good warranty for all its parts. Actually, there is hardly any 15 ft trampoline in the market that can bid the price of the Skywalker model. So, don’t miss this cheap 15 ft trampoline with enclosure anyway.


  • No-gap between net and mat enhance safety
  • Meets ASTM safety standard
  • Springs are outside the net
  • Includes a basketball kit


  • The weight limit isn’t outstanding
  • No ladder included

#3 – Upper Bounce 15 Ft Rectangular Trampoline With Safety Net

Upper Bounce 15 Ft Rectangular Trampoline With Safety Net


  • Weight capacity: 500 pounds
  • Springs: 90, 7 inches
  • Net height: 71 inches
  • Number of legs: 4 U
  • Total poles: 8 curved
  • Color options: Blue & yellow, beige & black

Up next, 10×15 Ft Upper Bounce Trampoline is an ideal trampoline for adults who need good bounce. The frame and legs are constructed from heavy-gauge stainless steel that makes them rustproof and durable.

There are four legs in four corners to secure the base. It has 7 inches long 90 galvanized springs that provide a superior bounce. Also, the polypropylene mat makes the trampoline good for bouncing. The trampoline can hold up to 500 pounds weight, that’s impressive.

Besides structural durability, the Upper Bounce trampoline 15 ft also focuses on safety. The net and mat are sewn together to prevent hands or legs stuck. Its wide spring pad protects jumpers from spring impact. A tall enclosure also restricts falling into the ground.

TopFlex rail and curved poles are used here to improve the net stability. Also, the dual closure in the enclosure net enhances safety. This heavy-duty 15 ft trampoline is ASTM certified, thus you can rely on it.


  • Durable construction
  • Weight capacity is a boom
  • Eliminates pinching hazards
  • Maximum bounce is ensured
  • ASTM safety certified


  • Ladder not included

#4 – Merax 15 Ft Trampoline With Safety Net & Basketball Hoop

Merax 15 Ft Trampoline With Safety Net & Basketball Hoop


  • Weight limit: 375 pounds
  • Springs: 108
  • Net height: 6 ft
  • Total legs: 6 W
  • Color: Blue

Merax 15 Ft Trampoline is another wonderful pick that comes with a 360-degree net for safety purposes. The frame, legs, and poles are made of heavy gauged galvanized steel for great stability. It can support 375 pounds weight, that sounds good.

The trampoline uses 108 springs for a high bounce. For safe and easy climbing, a 4 step ladder comes with the package. The enclosure net is 6 feet high that keeps jumpers safe.

Don’t worry about gaps between the mat and frame, there is a thick safety cover that extends kids’ safety greatly. Also, the net poles use foam padding to minimize direct impact.

For making your kids active, a basketball hoop comes with the trampoline for more exercise and fun. So, if you need a spacious and fun trampoline, Merax will be an ideal one.


  • Great weight limit
  • Kids friendly ladder
  • Impressive bounce
  • Basketball hoop for extra fun


  • No wind stakes included

#5 – JumpKing 10×15 Ft Trampoline Including Enclosure Net

JumpKing 10x15 Ft Trampoline Including Enclosure Net


  • Weight limit: 220 pounds
  • Enclosure height: 74 inch
  • Springs: 108, 7 inches
  • Number of legs: 4 W
  • Color: Green & black

JumpKing 15 Ft Rectangle Trampoline is a good choice for acrobats to do lots of trampoline tricks. It provides an even bounce through the whole trampoline surface.

Galvanized alloy steel frame makes the trampoline strong and rustproof. Four W-shaped legs in four corners stable the base. The weight limit of this exercise equipment is 220 pounds.

It uses 108 galvanized springs having 7 inches long for a higher bounce. Springs are outside the net which ensures extra safety. A thick spring cover protects jumpers from spring impact.

The enclosure net is made from polypropylene and it’s more than 6 ft high. For additional net stability, there is a G3 FRP surrounding the top of the net. A unique L-shaped enclosure door secures entry and exit.

JumpKing trampoline exceeds ASTM  safety standards. This will be a perfect choice for gymnasts and family exercises.


  • Springs are outside net that extends safety
  • Top-rail on the net provides additional stability
  • Spacious for tumbling
  • ASTM safety certified


  • No ladder included
  • Low weight limit

#6 – Jumpflex FLEX150/15FT Trampoline With Premium Enclosure

FLEX150/15FT Trampoline*
  • Designed with safety in mind - our trampolines have curved safety poles and a 360 degree soft durable safety net with SafeSeal helps to keep your family safe on your Jumpflex trampoline.
  • Highest weight rating, ever - our trampolines are built for the family, they can handle an impressive 550lbs load.
  • Unbeatable warranty - 10 years on the frame, 5 years on the springs & mat, 3 years on the safety pad & net, plus all Jumpflex customers get half price trampoline parts for life!

#7 – JumpKing 10 x 15 Foot Oval Trampoline With Basketball Kit & Soccer Goal

JumpKing JK1015OVBHSG 10 x 15 Foot Trampoline with Safety Net Enclosure, 2 Basketball Hoops, 1 Ball, and 1 Soccer Net*
  • GREAT FOR FUN AND FITNESS: Enjoy hours of family fun in your backyard with this 10- by 15-foot trampoline
  • LARGE TRAMPOLINE FOR LOTS OF FUN: Unique oval shape makes trampoline perfect for playing games
  • BOUNCE AND PLAY SPORTS: Comes with 2 basketball hoops, 1 ball, 1 soccer-print mat, and 1 soccer net

Buying Guide Of Best 15 Feet Trampoline With Enclosure Net

If you are on the hunt for the best quality 15 Ft trampoline with enclosure net, the above list will help you pick the right option. But, you may like to know the important features before buying the 15 ft trampoline. Well, the following guidelines will help in this regard.

Best 15 Feet Trampoline With Enclosure Net


Like other trampolines, 15-foot trampolines are available in several shapes like round, oval, square, rectangle, etc. But the round and rectangle trampolines are the most common ones.

For recreation, you should choose the round models. Alternately, go for rectangle trampolines if you want to practice lots of tricks there.

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Structural Robustness

The metal parts like frames, legs, poles, and springs have to be made from durable materials like alloy steel. Heavy-gauged steel is a better choice for extended durability.

Moreover, galvanized or hot-dip galvanized steel protects these parts from rust and corrosion as well as extends their lifespan. So, you can use the trampoline in any harsh weather.

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Spring Quality

Spring is another vital part of the outdoor trampoline. Longer springs can create a higher bounce than the smaller springs. And a rule of thumb is, the more the springs are the better the bounce you will get in return.

Typically, 15 ft outdoor trampolines use 96 to 108 springs with a length of 6.5 to 7.5 inches. So, If you need high bounce choose the model that has more and longer springs.

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Weight Limit

Depending upon trampoline structural quality, the weight limit of 15 ft trampoline may vary. The better the structure will be the higher the load-carrying capacity is. Usually, the average weight capacity of a 15 ft trampoline is 350 pounds.

But some of them might come with below 300 pounds, whereas several top-quality ones feature more than 500 pounds of load-enduring capacity.

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Mat, Net, & Padding

Mat, net, and spring cover are some of the important parts of the trampoline. Most trampolines use polyethylene and polypropylene mat, safety pad, and enclosure net. They have to be UV-resistant. The mat should be stitched heavily for a high bounce.

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Whether you choose 15 or 14 ft trampolines or else safety is one of the most important considerations. Some trampolines are leveled as they comply with safety standards such as ASTM, TUV, CE CPSIA, EN71, and so on. It’s wise to choose them to ensure safe jumping.

Most of the best-quality 15 ft trampolines use a padded cover on springs and frames to reduce direct impact. Some of them have direct sewn between mat and net or spring pad to prevent pinch hazards. Also, the enclosure net prevents dropping the jumpers to the ground.

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15 feet trampoline with enclosure net comes with versatile accessories like a ladder, wind stake, basketball hoop, rain cover, etc. But these are not necessarily included in the package. When you need any accessories, you can purchase them separately.

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The price of a 15 ft trampoline may vary, for its quality, shape, and features. They are available from $450 to $800 and even more. Rectangle models are pricier than round models. Similarly, the trampoline which adopts higher safety features and includes more accessories, the price will be higher.

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The warranty of the trampoline varies from one brand to another. Depending upon companies, the warranty period may be several months, one year, five years, ten years, or even a lifetime.

It’s also important to buy 15 ft trampolines from a prominent brand through a trustworthy source to get good after-sales service. That’s why we’ve reviewed here the best 15 ft trampolines with enclosure net from the best trampoline brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can kids use 15-foot trampolines?

Answer: 15 ft trampolines are actually adults and teenagers friendly to get a high bounce that could be injurious to smaller children. So, if the kids are below 6 years old, they shouldn’t allow there without adults’ supervision.

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Q: How many boxes come with 15 ft trampolines?

Answer: Most 15 ft trampolines shift in 3 boxes but a few of them might come in 2 boxes.

Q: Where do I get replacement parts for 15 ft trampolines?

Answer: Amazon has impressive collections for 15 ft trampolines replacement parts. You can check here for these replacements like mats, springs, net, safety pad, etc.

Q: How much clearance do 15 ft trampolines need?

Answer: It needs at least 2 ft clearance around your 15 ft model.

Q: How many poles are in 15 ft safety net?

Answer: Most of them have 6 poles, but some models feature 8 poles.

Q: Is 15 ft trampoline tent available?

Answer: Yes, it is available. For example, you can check Propel 15 ft trampoline tent.

Q: Is it easy to assemble 15 ft trampoline?

Answer: Yes, it’s easy, but this might need 3 to 4 hours to complete the installation even in an uneven place. The Skywalker 15 ft trampoline assembly video will give you the basic ideas.


15 ft trampoline is one of the most popular trampolines on the market. For adults to growing kids, the best 15 ft trampoline with enclosure will be an ideal pick for a safe bouncing experience. The quality, safety, and fun are really worth the price.

Hopefully, you are now convinced to buy the 15 ft trampolines over other models. So, choose the most suitable one from the above list and ensure great fun for the whole family.

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