Tips To Make Trampoline Safe For Children

Trampoline safety is important to avoid injury-free, safe play. We get asked frequently that are mini trampolines safe for toddlers like 2 years old. The straight answer is yes and no simultaneously.

When you ensure all the safety aspects, the trampoline will be safe for your 2 years toddler. On the other hand, without the safety features trampoline is not safe for your little children.

Here’re several important safety aspects that make a trampoline safe for kids.

What Makes A Trampoline Safe For Children?

Best and Safest Trampoline For Kids & Toddlers

One Jumper Once

This is the most important thing to make trampolines safer for children. Never allow more than a single jumper to play and bounce on the trampoline mat. This will eliminate trampoline injuries to a great extent. And, don’t allow kids to do flips and other risky trampoline tricks.

Trampoline Clearance

It’s important to have a 2.5 m clearance around the trampoline. Make sure, there is plenty of headroom clearance too.

Age Recommendation

For safe trampoline play, the American Academy of Pediatrics banned the use of trampolines before 6 years old. Still, if you want to allow teens before the recommended age limit parents’ supervision is necessary.

Safety Net

The children’s trampoline should be surrounded well to prevent falling on the ground. The higher the net the better the safety you will get.

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Safety Spring Pad

Frame or spring safety pad provides safety against springs impact. It also reduces getting stuck on the little fingers. So, install a thick spring cover.


For safe kids trampoline handle is an important feature, especially when toddlers use the trampoline. But if the trampoline is large enough and surrounded by an enclosure net, you can allow kids without handles.

Trampoline Height

Toddlers’ trampoline height shouldn’t exceed 20 inches high. For older kids and larger trampolines ladder is a must to get on and off in the trampoline bed. Without a ladder, climbing on the trampoline might be challenging.

Regular Inspection

Before allowing kids to play in the trampoline, check all the physical structures like springs, nuts-bolts, mat, and others. For safe play, make sure the trampoline is working well.

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How Trampoline Helps Kids & Toddlers To Grow Better?

1. Develop Physical Fitness

Jumping on the trampoline makes kids and toddlers stronger. While they jump, blood circulation raises so they gain energy after having a bounce on the trampoline.

Repetitive bounce makes their bones denser. It improves metabolism and develops muscles, and many more.

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2. Improve Balance & Coordination

Bouncing on a trampoline is a full-body exercise. Thus, it significantly helps in kids’ balance, coordination, and motor skills development.

3. Efficient Exercise

A trampoline is an ideal platform to jump, flip or practice hundreds of acrobatic activities.  And having this you can get back your health and fitness within a short time as it is more efficient (double benefits) than jogging, running, cycling, even swimming.

4. Develop Communication Skills

If there are several in your home, while one jumps, others have to wait for their turn. So they need to communicate with each other. Also, they follow the adults’ instructions. All these improve their social and communication skills greatly.

5. Better Concentration

Research has shown that trampoline bounce is helpful for less attentive students to make them focused on their studies. As trampoline is an ExerLearning (exercise+learning) process, thus kids can concentrate on studying after trampolining.

While toddlers jump on the trampoline they also learn different letters, shapes, colors, etc.

6. Trampoline Fun Games

Trampoline allows kids to play versatile games there that make them happy. Some trampoline games are- crack the egg, hot potato, slithering snakes, trampoline telephone, attack the castle, etc. So, kids get unforgettable childhood.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are trampolines safe for 3 or 5 years old kids?

Answer: Experts recommend avoiding trampolines for children under 6 years. But, kids below the recommended age can be allowed to play on the trampoline for a certain period with proper supervision.

Q: What is the best size trampoline for children below 10 years?

Answer: Kids shouldn’t allow larger trampoline sizes for safety purposes. For indoor uses, 3 to 4 ft kids trampolines are perfect. On the other hand, 5 ft, 7 ft, 8 ft, and 10 ft trampolines are best suited for your children.

Q: Are Springfree trampolines good and safe for children?

Answer: Yes, Springfree trampolines are one of the safest trampolines for kids and toddlers. But they are very expensive than the usual models.

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