Is 14 Ft Trampoline With Enclosure Net Good?

Among the versatile sizes of trampolines, 14 ft trampoline is very special as they lie between large and small trampolines. So, trampoline users have great interest in this model as it gives the benefits of both worlds.

The smaller models like 8, 10, and 12 ft trampolines come with a lower weight limit that won’t allow adults to jump there. On the other hand, 15, 16, 17 ft, and other large models produce heavy bounces that aren’t safe for smaller children. But, trampolines 14 ft is perfect for kids to adults, one trampoline for all.

Now the question arises, what is the best 14 ft trampoline? Well, there are many models available in the market, but not all have the same quality and safety features. But, we bring some of the best 14 ft trampolines with enclosure nets that are safe, good in quality as well as cheap in price! Let’s dive in!

Top 5 Best 14 Ft Trampolines Reviews

#1 – Zupapa 14 Ft Round Trampoline With Safety Net

Zupapa 14 Ft Round Trampoline With Safety Net


  • Weight capacity: 425 pounds
  • Springs: 96, 7 inches
  • Net height: 6 ft
  • Wind stakes: 6
  • Number of legs: 6 W
  • Color options: Blue, purple, blue+green

Begin with the 14 Ft Zupapa Trampoline, a popular, durable, and safe 14 ft trampoline to provide the best jumping experience. It adopts the latest technology to make this trampoline high-performing to the competitors’ models.

The trampoline is sturdily made from hot-dip galvanized steel that provides maximum robustness to the model than other models in the market. Thus, the frame, legs, poles, and other metal parts become more resilient, weatherproof, and durable.

Also, the frame is self-locking that doesn’t need any screws thus making the trampoline more stable, simpler, and time-saving assembly. The weight capacity of the Zupapa trampoline 14 ft is 425 pounds, that’s sounds good.

Along with legs the poles also touch the ground thus you get the double firmness in the base. The trampoline uses 7 inches long 96 springs to produce impressive bounce. Mat is UV-resistant professional-grade polypropylene for the high bounce.

You can rely on this model as it meets the ASTM and TUV safety standards. The most impressive safety feature of the trampoline is that the mat and spring pad are directly sewn together to eliminate fingers and feet stuck. It also incorporates a 6 ft high PE enclosure net for safety.

To protect jumpers from the direct impact of spring and frame there is a thick safety cover. The trampoline package includes all essentials like a climbing ladder, rain cover, 6 durable winds stakes, etc.

The after-sales service of the Zupapa trampoline is also outstanding. The frame provides 10 years warranty and, 2 years for other parts. This good-quality 14 ft trampoline will ensure long-term support. So, don’t miss this great backyard fun trampoline.


  • Impressive durability
  • Sewn mat and spring pad for safety
  • Includes ladder, wind stakes, and rain cover
  • ASTM and TUV approved


  • Tricky legs and poles assembly for beginners

#2 – CalmMax 14 Ft Trampoline With Enclosure Net

CalmMax 14 Ft Trampoline With Enclosure Net


  • Weight capacity: 400 pounds
  • Total springs: 88
  • Net height: 6 ft
  • Number of legs: 4 U
  • Color option: Blue, green, orange

CalmMax is a prominent trampoline brand that promises to provide safe trampolines for jumpers. CalmMax 14 Ft Recreational Trampoline is no exception to that.

The frame is made from the highest durable steel with 3-layer rust-proof coatings. All the metal parts are galvanized well to make them usable in any harsh weather. Moreover, these components are UV-resistant to protect from the sun and extend their lifespan.

For superior bounce, the trampoline uses 88 galvanized springs and an EU standard polypropylene mat. The structural durability and high-quality materials make the trampoline heavy-load enduring 400 pounds.

No more worry about falling to the ground while jumping as it incorporates a 360-degree safe 6 ft high enclosure. Four legs are used here to firm the base. There is a thick PE and PVC spring pad to protect jumpers from springs impact.

This trampoline is ASTM certified and lasts longer. The manufacturer guarantees you the highest-quality materials and includes assembly tools and a ladder in the package. The trampoline will be a great choice for your backyard to jump and fun for the whole family.


  • ASTM approved trampoline
  • Heavy-duty structure
  • Comes with a good ladder
  • Easy to assemble


  • No wind stakes included

#3 – Upper Bounce 14 Ft Rectangular Trampoline Safety Net Combo

Upper Bounce 14 Ft Rectangular Trampoline Safety Net Combo


  • Weight capacity: 500 pounds
  • Springs: 86, 7 inches
  • Net height: 71 inches
  • Number of legs: 4 U
  • Color options: Blue & yellow

Upper Bounce 8×14 Ft Trampoline is designed for gymnasts to provide an even bounce all over the jumping bed. If you need a heavy-duty 14 ft trampoline, this will fit you well. It can hold up to 500 lbs weight.

Due to the rectangle shape, the trampoline is very bouncy. The trampoline has 86 galvanized springs having 7 inches long that provides a superb bounce. Also, the polypropylene mat makes the trampoline bouncy and safe.

Like bounce, the trampoline ensures structural superiority. Frame, poles, and legs use heavy-gauged steel to make them durable and rustproof. Don’t worry about wobbling the trampoline while jumping as it uses four durable legs in four corners to stabilize the base.

Safety is also ensured well in this trampoline and it’s ASTM certified. Mat and net are sewn together for further safety. A wide safety pad protects tumblers from spring and frame impact.

The high safety net keeps jumpers safe and prevents falling to the ground. TopFlex rail provides great stability of the net. The dual closure in the net zipper secures the enclosure door well to prevent accidental dropping. So, on overall consideration, this 14-foot trampoline is a good choice for you.


  • Hefty weight capacity
  • No pinching hazards
  • More springs promote high bounce
  • Meets ASTM safety standard


  • Ladder not included

#4 – AMGYM 14 Ft Trampoline With Net & Basketball Hoop

AMGYM 14 Ft Trampoline With Net & Basketball Hoop


  • Weight limit: 440 pounds
  • Springs: 96
  • Net height: 6 ft
  • Total legs: 6 U
  • Color options: Blue, sea blue, deep blue

The next recommended trampoline is the 14 Ft AMGYM Trampoline Net Combo. It is a market-leading trampoline for exercise and fun.

AMGYM trampoline meets TUV-GS, EN71, CE safety standards and incorporates all safety items. The enclosure net surrounds the trampoline to ensure safe jumping there. Thick 14 mm EPE foam padding provides great support against springs impact.

Frame parts, legs, poles, and springs are built from galvanized steel which makes them durable, rustproof, and weather-resistant. All these allow withstanding a large weight of 440 pounds. The mat uses high-quality material to make the trampoline bouncy.

The package includes a ladder for easy climbing the jumping bed. Also, there is an additional basketball hoop to keep your kids active for a longer period. So, this 14 ft trampoline with a basketball hoop and the net will be a great choice for your growing children.


  • Wide safety pad for great safety
  • Includes a basketball hoop for fun
  • Safe and easy climbing ladder
  • TUV-GS, EN7, CE safety certified


  • Assembly instructions should be improved

#5 – ORCC 14 Ft Outdoor Trampoline With Safety Enclosure Net

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Buying Guide Of Best 14 Feet Trampoline With Enclosure Net

Best 14 Ft Trampoline With Enclosure Net

Shape Of 14 Ft Trampoline

The first thing that you have to choose is the right shape of the 14-foot trampoline. You will find several shapes like round, rectangle, square, and oval. Out there the rectangle and round trampolines are widely held.

Round models are center-focused trampolines that are mainly used for recreation and fun jumping. On the other hand, rectangle models are the right choice for lots of tricks for gymnasts. Usually, rectangle trampolines are pricier than circular ones.

The bouncing style and price of oval or square 14 ft trampoline lie between the rectangle and round trampolines.

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Sturdy Construction

Like other structures, trampolines should be made of durable materials. Top-quality 14 ft outdoor trampoline frames, springs, legs, poles are built of durable alloy steel. Heavy-gauged steel will be better for sturdiness.

The metal parts of the best 14 feet trampolines have galvanized or hot-dip galvanized coating to make them strong, corrosion, and rustproof. Such an extra layer extends the trampoline’s lifespan no matter where you’re using it.

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Spring Quality

Spring is an essential part of the outdoor trampoline. All the springs should be made from galvanized steel for structural superiority and generous bounce.

In general, most 14 ft trampolines have 84 to 108 springs and springs length may vary from 6.5 to 7.5 inches. For higher bounce, you should choose the trampoline with long and more springs.

Weight Capacity

Weight limit is an important consideration to any trampoline. Have you wondered what is the weight limit for 14-foot trampolines? It may vary from model to model due to structural differences. Typically, the weight capacity of a 14 ft trampoline is 300 to 400 pounds.

Some low-quality trampolines come with 250 pounds or lesser load capacity. Alternately, the top-class 14 ft trampoline may withstand more than 500 pounds weight from the jumpers.

Net, Mat, & Padding

When choosing a trampoline 14 ft, it’s important to check its mat, safety net, and pad. They are normally built from polyethylene, polypropylene, or higher-quality materials.  The parts should be faded and UV-resistant.

The heavy-stitched mat provides high-bounce. The enclosure net should be high enough. Some safety net is directly sewn with the mat or pad. And spring pad must be thick and wide enough for ensuring jumpers’ safety.


Trampoline safety is very significant to consider while buying any trampoline. Most top-class 14 ft trampolines with enclosures meet the safety standards like ASTM, CE, EN71, TUV, etc. Before choosing your model, make sure it has safety certified

They use high nets to prevent jumpers from falling on the ground. A thick safety pad protects jumpers from springs and frame impact. Moreover, the safest trampolines ensure a safe jump bed by stitching mat and enclosure net or safety pad together to eliminate pinching hazards.


The best 14 feet trampolines package may include different accessories for fun, and safety. Some of them are wind stakes, ladder, basketball hoop, rain cover, shoe bag, and so on. But, not all trampolines come with them.

Lots of accessories might rise the 14 ft trampoline’s price. If necessary, you can purchase them separately.


With shape and quality, the price of 14 ft trampolines may vary. Most of the 14 feet trampolines are available between $350 to $700 and even more that is quite cheaper than the 15 ft trampolines.

If you need an affordable 14 ft trampoline, go for the round models. Rectangular trampolines 14 ft will be expensive compared to the round ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How big is a 14ft trampoline?

Answer: 14 feet trampolines are big enough compared to the 12 ft trampolines. And it is very close to 15 ft models. The jumping space of a 14 ft round trampoline is almost 12.4 ft in diameter.

Q: How many boxes shift with 14 ft trampolines?

Answer: Generally, 14 ft trampolines arrive in 3 boxes. But, some of them shift into 2 boxes.

Q: How much clearance do 14 ft trampolines need?

Answer: 14 ft trampolines need a minimum of 2 ft clearance around the surface.

Q: Can I get replacement parts for 14 ft trampolines on Amazon?

Answer: Yes, Amazon will be a good platform to buy 14 ft trampolines replacement parts such as springs, mats, safety nets, spring pads, wind stakes, tent, and so on. You can check here for a huge collection.

Q: How many poles are in 14 ft trampolines?

Answer: They have 6 poles in general. But, 8 poles are also found in some models.

Q: How long does it take to set up a 14ft trampoline?

Answer: Professionals need almost 3 to 4 hours to complete the 14 ft trampoline installation. But this might need quite more time for sloped ground.

Here is a video of Propel 14 ft trampoline assembly.

Final Words

The best 14 ft trampoline with enclosure net is a perfect size trampoline for backyard fun. It’s spacious as well includes all safety features like a safety pad, enclosure net, ladder, etc. Moreover, some of them come with basketball hoops for extending kids’ fun.

If you plan to invest in a backyard trampoline, we recommend you to buy the best 14 ft trampoline instead of 10 or 12 ft models as the extra space will allow doing lots of trampoline tricks for the growing children. Happy trampolining!

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