Are Blundstones Good For Snow or Winter? Know The Truth

Blundstone Aussie boots feature summer, winter, rain, and all-weather shoes. Before you purchase the Blunnies shoes, you should consider the seasonality of the boots.

As winter is in full swing so you may wonder, ‘are Blundstones good for snow’. Honestly, most Blunnies leather boots aren’t good for winter, but Thermal Series boots will give you good warmth in the cold. Moreover, if you treat the leather of the Blundstones and wear wool socks, that will be okay for cold or snow.

This article will guide you to wear Blundstone boots for winter. And you will get some of the best-quality Blundstone winter boots suggestions. Let’s read on!

Can You Wear Blundstones In The Snow?

Are Blundstones Good For Snow

Standard Blundstone shoes like the popular 500 and 500 models aren’t ideal for snow or winter. Their soles aren’t insulated rather the soles are cemented so there is a high chance that your feet will be cold and your socks will be wet.

However, Blundstones feature insulated sole boots i.e. Thermal Series boots like 584, 585 boots, or 1392 Blunnies boots. These boots will give you extra comfort and warmth.

In case you want to wear Blundstone shoes in winter, I highly recommend these waterproof and shearling insoles boots.

And it’s suggested to wear wool socks and treat the leather to get the best performance in the winter and icy conditions.

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Wear Wool Socks

If you wear Blundstone shoes, it’s recommended to wear a pair of wool socks, as this gives you good insulation. Wool socks can resist water the moisture in winter unless you stand on snow for a long period.

Merino wool socks will work here best. The extra padding also adds comfort to the toes, so the higher the wool the better the comfort you’ll get.

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Treat The Leather

Besides wearing wool socks, you can also treat the leather-crafted Blundstone shoes with water-repellent products. But keep in mind that once you put the treatment, you can never get back the original color.

But if the existing color of your Blunnies boots is black or Stout Brown, it’s already quite dark. So, changing their colors won’t affect their appearance too much.

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Pros and Cons of Blundstone Winter Boots


  • Available in different colors
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Good traction
  • Easy cleaning


  • Not too stylish
  • Lack of warmth
  • Some models are expensive
  • Some people find them big and bulky

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is wearing Blundstone okay on ice?

Answer: Blundstones don’t provide the best traction so they might slip on ice. Boots with heavier lugs are better to walk on snow. However, if you wear Blundstones on a small ice patch, you won’t face any problems, but be careful.

Q: Can you wear Blundstones for winter walking?

Answer: Not all Blundstones aren’t ideal for winter walking. But if it is Thermal Series boots, you can walk with these.

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Q: What are winter Blundstone alternatives boots?

Answer: There are different options such as Red Wing Classic Chelsea, Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail, Thursday Legend, Merrell Men’s Cold pack, Jim Green Stockman, Sorel Women’s Caribou, etc.

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Can Blundstones be worn in snow? Blundstone is not actually a good choice for winter or snow. However, if you choose the Thermal Series boots and wear wool socks and treat the leather well, then you can wear these.

Hopefully, you get your answer and can now choose and wear Blundstones for winter correctly. But don’t stay too long on ice with these boots. Good luck!

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